FPS Increase v1.6 FixedMirrors for 1.18


Here is new version of FPS Increase mod for latest version of game 1.18.xx


-Changed few small things
-Updated for latest update 1.18.x
-Changed and fixed mirrors
-Changed waterfov
-Changed and fixed some other things
-WARNING change scaling from 64 to 100 if your graphic so blur and bloom
-Read instruction before do anything

Share it but use only original link! You can send mod request on my mail [email protected]



2 Responses to FPS Increase v1.6 FixedMirrors for 1.18

  1. Canonir says:

    Hello BLiNKT, thanks for the events, I have a huge request to you, and you could not make a mod for real wages for shipping charges, reduce them at least half less desirable reality !!!

  2. Darren says:

    great mod, eventually got it too work. but i think 1.5 was actually faster for me

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