France 2018 Trailer

Trailer of the winners of the soccer world cup. It also works in traffic. Do not re-upload, thanks.

Marijm, Scs


9 thoughts on “France 2018 Trailer

  1. LaurentJap

    Looooool 99% have say “Croatia Win” and now,
    all say “we are for France!” xD
    Ps, Je suis Français et ON EST LES CHAMPIONS !!! 😀

    1. Lucasdriver70

      Ouuuuiiii !!! On a gagnnnééé ! Bravo les bleus et vive la France !!

  2. Manque juste la photo de l’arbitre …

  3. Pffft,Belgium had to win from France!!!! That was no soccer!!!! They played like chick’s!!!

  4. Your+just+bad+players!!+Don’t+be+affraid,+we’re+the+best!!+


  5. Si la remorque est comme sur la photo, il y a une belle erreur !!!
    where is the new star ?!!!

    1. LaurentJap

      Maybe the creator don’t know it ^^

      1. Il connais rien de la France… LOL
        Très mauvaise Skin, j´ai vue beaucoup mieux.

    2. I’m sorry thimic51, I did not realize the detail of the star.

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