Frank de Ridder DAF XF Final


Here the Frank de Ridder DAF XF Final standard DAF with grill modpack by Roadhunter
Skin by Freddy Jimmink

Buy all parts with Frank de Ridder tag to get skin and wheels complete,
watch out, don’t buy rear wheel 4 tagged Frank de Ridder, it can crash Your game.

Standard DAF will be normal in game,

Tested in


5 thoughts on “Frank de Ridder DAF XF Final

  1. Nice job Freddy, keep up the good work.
    Remember to post it on our site too 🙂

  2. Freddy Jimmink

    Haha was already there Per,

    Thanks mate,



  3. 😛

  4. can you plz make a Scania skin, so I can finally drive a De Ridder truck is I know them.

    great work

  5. pls can you make a Scania skin of frank de ridder?

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