Fredy`s Trailer Pack 360


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Version tested and running in 1.24.XX.

The author will be modified to later versions.

+ 360 independent trailers skineados with real companies.
-All Original skins game (Trameri, Posped, Euroacres, etc …..) replaced.

Pack of trailers of fredy partner.
I started as a small pack of 5 and ended in over 300 trailers with their skins.

Not to get bored in the game and have all kinds of loads.


The download is a winrar file. Inside are two files:

– Trailer_Pack_360_Carg & Traf._By_fredy.scs
This file makes for loads and trailers also appear in traffic AI.

– Trailer_Pack_360_solo_Traf._By_fredy.scs
This file makes the trailers appear only in traffic AI. NOT IN LOADS.

Activate the file you want to use. ONLY ONE OF THE TWO. THE TWO TOGETHER NO. IMPORTANT.

Come up with the permission of both authors.

Respect original link the author please.

Fredy and Pinkfloyds


9 Responses to Fredy`s Trailer Pack 360

  1. filip says:

    good job

  2. Rockeropasiempre says:

    Thanks mate filip.
    The work was fredy partner and Pinkfloyds contributions.
    I just put it here available to all users, by request of the author’s own pack.


  3. manmad says:

    It looks very nice, one question only. Is it compatible with Jazzycat packs?

  4. karl says:

    Nice trailers,good work! Could you please create a trailer about the D-Day ( june 6th 1944 ) in the normandie. Thanks

  5. icebeer75 says:

    Link is Down 🙁

    • Rockeropasiempre says:

      If compatible with the pack of jazzycat friend.
      The fallen because of sharemods link, I’m reraising again.

      Sorry for the inconvenience.

  6. Theosz says:

    I missing Advanced Trailer Coupling. When mix other packs full compatible to v1.24. I need turn off all the time because this pack.

  7. tBundy says:

    nice pack but low quality textures.

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