Free Cam for All versions

this is a free camera in euro truck simulator 2
work in mp
best for take pictures
Work with every Version
How to use:
Go to
DocumentsEuro Truck Simulator 2
config file to delete
Replace it with downloaded file
and start game…
activation by prees 0
moving truck by press F9
Set by press 4 5 6 9 3 8.



4 Responses to Free Cam for All versions

  1. zui says:

    Mod stolen!

  2. JoachimK says:

    Yes, it´s stolen.
    I have the Original.
    “Bernard” also a Thief…

  3. hjv says:

    he is not just a thief, he puts spam in the download, I think he is just a wannabe not to smart.

  4. Ger-Mike says:

    Who needs a mod for that ??
    Uses the console people, is the same !! You do not know what I’m talking about? Then take a look here:

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