Free Camera

Work with every Version

How to use:
Go to
DocumentsEuro Truck Simulator 2
config file to delete
Replace it with downloaded file
and start game…
activation by prees 0
moving truck by press F9
Set by press 4 5 6 9 3 8




9 thoughts on “Free Camera

  1. You can just change the config file without download.

  2. g_save_format “0” – very often the game requires a value of 2 or 3

  3. Or+you+could+watch+a+simple+youtube+video…+That+even+explains+and+shows+how+to+use+it+and+also+shows+some+of+the+commands+in+use.+But+whatever

  4. thanks

  5. Thnk you very much

  6. thank you very much

  7. mobin_sis


  8. johnattan02

    Do I have a macbook air with the game but do not have keyboard number, I turn it on with the keyboard above or can I change the 0 number by another number or letter?

  9. don’t+download+this+just+open+your+config+file+change+developer+from+0+to+1..+and+console+from+0+to+1..

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