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Freightliner Сoronado Truck

Authors: Author MishaLadnik, Immen


21 thoughts on “Freightliner Сoronado

  1. superman5499


    1. Ultrabald

      yes, uses slot #1 at Iveco dealers.

  2. Dave Otto

    So i anybody of you who drives American Trucks in Euro Truck Simulator 2 you may have seen their was a new mod out a Freightliner Coronado!!! I downloaded the mod and made a quick trip with it to determine what mistakes i could find. I did indeed find a few mistakes the upper and lower sleeper windows are not set in correctly there a gap in between the frame and the windows itself. Also the bumper leans to the driver side like it was put on higher. The front marker lights are off just a bit, but that i could find. The Truck handles like a beauty and drives really well.

    1. Rocket455Man


      I drive the Volvo VNL truck in ETS2.

      I have seen the Volvo VNL trucks here in Finland and even in two I have been in the inside visiting.

      – Real Full Trailer Combination Driver –

  3. how does the jake break sound or is there a sound mod that works with it and how many hp

  4. It’s pretty good so far, but it still could use improvement.

  5. ###? is this. look better in the video. Under the truck you can see very clearly the steering wheel. I hate the ###### russian pseudo modder

  6. I drove him with a map tsm 5.2 and 1.3.5 rus map after ten minutes of the game stopped working version 1.13.3

  7. Nefertiti

    Wipers don’t work (they move but don’t remove the rain).

  8. Aaaand it’s impossible to skin… Thanks author….

  9. hi ave new idea is can you upgrade more engine and update your trucks

  10. – 13 speed gearbox has an issue with one of the higher gears (up shifting results in a lower gear).

    – Windshield wipers fail to remove water.

    – Steering seems too slow.

    Other than those issues the truck is very good.

  11. thx for job but this truck have serious problems:

    ETS2 v1.13.4.1s

    00:00:57.009 : load_unit() – Expected exactly one top-level unit in file (/def/vehicle/truck/fred/interior/standard.sii), got 2
    00:00:57.221 : [resource_task] Default temporary buffer is insufficient while reading ‘/vehicle/truck/fred/truck.pmg’ with size 41805276
    00:00:58.588 : Incorrect rear wheel definition for /vehicle/truck/fred/truck.pmd
    00:01:02.592 : Incorrect rear wheel definition for /vehicle/truck/fred/truck.pmd
    00:01:44.660 : Chassis reused with different wheel size setup: /vehicle/truck/fred/truck.pmd
    00:01:44.660 : Front wheel sizes, old [0.512, 0.512] versus new [0.510, 0.510].
    00:01:44.660 : Rear wheel sizes, old [0.512, 0.512, 0.512, 0.512] versus new [0.512, 0.512, 0.512, 0.512].
    00:01:49.891 : Chassis reused with different wheel size setup: /vehicle/truck/fred/truck.pmd
    00:01:49.891 : Front wheel sizes, old [0.510, 0.510] versus new [0.510, 0.510].
    00:01:49.891 : Rear wheel sizes, old [0.512, 0.512, 0.512, 0.512] versus new [0.512, 0.512, 0.511, 0.511].
    00:01:52.678 : Chassis reused with different wheel size setup: /vehicle/truck/fred/truck.pmd
    00:01:52.678 : Front wheel sizes, old [0.510, 0.510] versus new [0.510, 0.510].
    00:01:52.678 : Rear wheel sizes, old [0.512, 0.512, 0.511, 0.511] versus new [0.511, 0.511, 0.511, 0.511].

  12. all iveco truck dissappear and man tgx effecient line is the name of all the truck slots, why is that? i think this mod was incomplete when uploaded, right?????

  13. Wholly normal truck!!!

  14. Wipers don’t remove the rain, fix please

  15. This is a very good truck and if the wipers would remove the rain I would use it all the time

  16. Nikolai333

    i wish someone would update this truck i would love to drive it but with its very little in custom options and engine choices plus when i go first person in the truck my paint job looks like its covered in oil with mini rainbows everywhere and its annoy please someone fix and update this truck please

  17. I would be infinitely in debt to anyone willing to bring this truck up to the standards of some of the other modders out there. This is my dream truck and want to be able to drive it in game without a crash or serious hanging problem.

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