Freightliner Argosy CAT Edition v 2.0

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This mod adds CAT-power Freightliner Argosy to the game (tested on patch 1.18, not sure about earlier versions). Everything has been redone, also added fully AO baked textures both exterior and interior, some basic tuning, fixed geometry of the truck and all-new CAT C15 engine sounds.

You can find it at Volvo dealership, 5th slot.

!!!!Mod updated to 2.0!!!!

– Sideskirts added as fenders option, NEW TEMPLATE INCLUDED
– Chassis, rear lights and fender upgrades have been redone to match the real Argosy truck
– Plastic and paint bumper models are less jagged now
– 3 matching frontgrills for plastic/paint bumper and 3 for chrome bumper
– New CAT mudflaps for bumpers
– Stoneguard tuning updated with vanilla small lights
– New high-detailed doorhandles
– Few texture and uv-mapping error fixes
– Interior sound fix included
– 2 additional paintjobs made by piva (credit to him), updated to version 2.0
– And something else i forgot about

Rig’n’Roll authors: Softclub-NSK
Convert to ETS2: Jon_Ruda, Sergej Baltazar
Some parts were borrowed from different trucks, author: dmitry68
Misc details used inside: don’t know/can’t remember
Sound authors: me and some Kriechbaum files (exhaust, jakebrake)
Paintjobs: piva
Pretty much everything else was made by me (odd_fellow) and SCS.

Very special thanks to dmitry68 for the help with paintjobs and uv-mapping.

If i forgot to mention someone, please let me know. And if you want to reupload this mod, please be a nice person and give proper credits to everyone who have worked in this truck.

SCS Software, Jon_Ruda, Sergej Baltazar, Kriechbaum, dmitry68, piva, odd_fellow


24 Responses to Freightliner Argosy CAT Edition v 2.0

  1. Kenworth138 says:

    i have nothing bad to say about this, but i would like to ask if it is possible to make a low roof with a wing cab variant like the real ones in australia and also change the interior options to a right hand drive option in a future update.

    thanks. 🙂

  2. RhastalordTV says:

    720p60fps ᴴᴰ Review ( this truck is absolutely awesome )

  3. jay says:

    can you please make it right hand drive. i live in australia and we drive on the right side. i see all these beatiful trucks but there only left hand drive.

  4. Melichov_SU says:

    A brief overview of the truck. Without additional mods.

    HD 1080

  5. Nathan says:

    I don’t seem to be able to open it. I have but it doesn’t appear in the 5th slot of Volvo when activated in the mod section. Any advice please?

    • Melichov_SU says:

      Nathan = Connect the mod in the profile settings.
      Remove all third-party mods.
      mod works 100%

      • sevquis says:

        I’ve got the same issue too. I had the old 1.5 version which still works and shows up ingame with no problems. This version doesn’t. I’m loath to disable my mods coz I don’t wanna break my current profile.

  6. jeremy says:

    je l’ai télécharger mais je ne l’ai pas dans le jeu

  7. mishuslya says:

    Thanks!!! Best truck !!!

  8. FRANK_WOT says:

    WHoohooo!!. GREAT Truck!!

    Thanks a lot for this mod. I absolutely love this Argosy.

    Will you ever make a Cummins Engine pack for this truck, with Kriechbaum’s Cummins sounds?

    The CAT engines are very good but I would also like the Cummins as an option.

    Thanks for the great work!!

  9. TodoMundoLocko says:

    better and better! keep working! Thx!

  10. Irteza says:

    Dear Odd_Fellow, i have worked alot on your previous version, have you given it a look. Indeed your work was fantastic and what i have tried to do is to add few more things to it like chissis tandem, 8x4a and 8x4b and many other small lil things. Will it not be better if you update that so that one mod is updated having all of the things. You may or may not use my name since its your mod.
    here is the link, however its upto you dear. Regards Irteza

    • FRANK_WOT says:


      As a proud user of the this amazing Argosy mod I would also like if Irteza’s changes are included in the main mod by Odd_Fellow.

      I like doing heavy hauling but with the 6×4 chassis you can’t haul more than 45ton (because of steering). This is where I love the 8×4 chassis.

      Thanks for the hard work guys. Much appreciated.

  11. Chiharu says:

    Is there any chance this could be uploaded to a different filehost? Sharemods is extremely slow (30KB/s average) for me, would appreciate very much! 🙂

  12. chesterschriever says:

    this reminds me of 18 wheels of steel: Across America.
    Thanks for bringing me back good memories 😉

  13. jacob.lovekw says:

    Hey guys Full 1080p ᴴᴰ Review On the Freightliner Argosy!!
    Go Check It Out
    Thanks 🙂

  14. TwoToesJoe says:

    Hello! I had some issues with round taillights(circle ones) on Argosy. Are they fixed with this mod? I’m really dying to use them.

  15. Toptruck says:

    Please model this truck in right hand drive (UK)

  16. TodoMundoLocko says:

    On the Road video preview.

  17. HeavelsT says:

    Link is Broken please reupload

  18. truck from rsa says:

    can any one send me update 1.221.2 plz to this email [email protected]

  19. FHLes16 says:

    This Argosy is just frikin awesome….I’m an fh16 die-hard and thanks to ohaha’s mods the Volvo is just as awesome so the fact that one can find the Argosy at a V dealer is just fate….keep up the good work guys love ur work. Maybe SCS might just consider bringing the Argosy on as standard…

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