Freightliner Cascadia 2018 Ultrabald Edition 1.6.1 ETS2 1.34

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Freightliner Cascadia 2018 for ETS2 1.34.x

!! Sell and remove old versions before use !!

Original model by Felipe Conbar
Air cables by Jesse Burson
Cleaning, rearranging and dashboard by galimim
Re-building by UltraBald
Full credits in mod description

– Lots of accessories
– Cabin DLC compatible
– Left mirror fixed
– XT cabin rear window tint corrected
– Other bug corrections
– Available at Volvo dealers

Change log:
Cabflares adjustments
Sideflares adjustements
Mudflaps textures fixed
Hood types are now seen from interior
Small lights fixed
Various small fixes
New custom made full length sideskirt
Front mirrors removed because they’re not supported in ETS2
Added roof grills and slots

Ultrabald, galimim, Jesse Burson, Felipe Conbar, Frank Brasil, Tom Dooley, Viper, Solaris36, R.Modjeski/DCvinh, dmitry68, Wolfi, GTM Team


11 thoughts on “Freightliner Cascadia 2018 Ultrabald Edition 1.6.1 ETS2 1.34

  1. Download was blocked by chrome

    1. Who uses this Chrome ? We not, we have the FF 66.03, the last and newest.
      No Problems with sharemods. 🙂

  2. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.34…

  3. I do not have any sounds at all

  4. The problem is that the color is a problem that needs to be corrected when we enter the custom section and the color is going

  5. Bodyguardxp

    Euro Truck Simulator 2, Freightliner CASCADiA 2018, [1.34]

  6. Lights For Slots on sideskirts and mudflaps are missing.

  7. 1/5 as for me.
    1. Painjobs over 1.7 gb – maybe to separate it to other mod?
    2. Backup files (198) in package.
    3. Simply not works on 1.34. 129 errors. Last lines
    00:06:09.593 : [unit] The unit ‘_nameless.14f.e40d.4e40’ of type ‘vehicle’ has dangling pointer (to ‘_nameless.cascadia_0.light’) in the attribute named ‘accessories’.
    00:06:09.593 : load_unit_tree() – Failed to load unit tree from file (/def/vehicle/truck_company/cascadia2018_1.sii)

    1. Yup. This is probably the worst cascadia mod ever made. Seriously. The author didnt even bother to look at the console and fix all those errors, or optimized the mod at all. Disaster.

  8. Kim Ki Gum

    please make it for 1.40/1.41 version!!

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