Freightliner Cascadia 2018 v.3.9.1

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Edited by Felipe Conbar
Standlone and anim by Frank Brasil
Viper 389 v2 Chrome fenders by Tom Dooley
Skin by Freddy Jimmink and Jozef Stewowe
3 new Engines added by Freddy Jimmink

Buy at Mercedes Dealers.
Note! to make the new enginesound work buy first lower HP ISX engine and than 1 of the new engines
Respect original Download link
Have fun!


17 thoughts on “Freightliner Cascadia 2018 v.3.9.1

  1. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  2. Why do silly modders upload mods that does not work for ATS? Yes i leave a reply here for the modder cause they dont reply on ATS site. Seriously, if you release something make sure it works BEFORE release.

  3. GameplayHD2015

    same for me,crashes game instantlly,they don´t even test if works before releasing….and what is the point of an american truck in ETS2?don´t really understand but that is a matter of taste

    1. Reported the guy on sharemods. To post fake links.

      1. PitbullTasja

        The link is not fake i was able to download ets2 and ats version without problem.
        Reporting it for fake link seems bit senseless when links do work.
        If it doesnt it might be sharemods, wouldn’t be first time it says no file or something and few minutes later it works normally.

  4. SCRAP !!!!!

  5. Freddy Jimmink

    Thanks guys to give the modders the blame if they can’t react on

    My reactions need approval on andreporting me is ver, very childish and that means You don’t have ant trust in modders

    1. I got 0% respect and trust for people that uploads mods that makes users CRASH when they have clean profiles and no other mods active! So yea, report is the only option so you dont get any money from downloads!

      1. Freddy Jimmink

        Ipgaxx why are You in this community hmmm…..? We’re doing what we can, we’re people who share a hobby, not a warzone You tiny little flee!

        And what mods do You makehmmm….? (Probably none!)

  6. There is no problem with the link and there is no problem with the mod at ETS 1.26.6

  7. Freddy Jimmink

    I am testing the Cascadia update for ATS and in all my 5 profiles the Cascadia works when the the Aradeth’s VNL and a VNL780 by Frank Brasil are active in game, Than the Cascadia works without any problem.

    Still behind the scenes we’re working to solve all problems with the Cascadia.

    For some disrespectfull people: We’re totally NOT impressed of Your threath’s and blabber mouthing!

  8. GeneralFord1

    Fantastic update to this mod, thanks so much! No more ugly interior lol. The only “complaint” I have is that the mirrors are really small. I don’t mod, but I’m sure there’s a reason. If you could fix that, it would be amazing but I understand if you can’t. Also, an 18 speed with retarder option would be nice. Other than that, great update to this mod, thanks so much!

  9. Great mod, great truck.
    But when i choose slots in other seat and between seats i can’t see any bags or cooler stuff – no image in preview ether.
    Mod have first priority in mod list.
    Do i need some other mods to show me these acсesories?

  10. Malisoux Félicien TEST en français
    1080P – 60FPS

  11. Alex Grace

    This mod is amazing, as is the actual truck.
    Pity that there’s no wiper animation when in external view, and the side mirrors angle is too narrow for them to be useful when driving over-the-roof.
    Otherwise, beautiful work, keep it up!

  12. why i use this truck but no sound,only the truck no any sound….

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