Freightliner Cascadia. Adapted v1.19 & 1.20


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One of the best models of American trucks. The model is an adapted version to 1.19 x 1.20 x
Can gets behind the wheel of this luxurious truck in the new version of the game.
Saved all previous features mod truck and performance improvements on the new version of the game.

Credits: Sergej Baltazar, Dz.rudakov, Adapted: pl.soft.


16 Responses to Freightliner Cascadia. Adapted v1.19 & 1.20

  1. Damir142 says:

    Скажи будут ли добавлены официально в игру эти тягачи . а не как моды ?

    • Fresh1337 says:

      Нет, это ж EURO Truck Simulator, то есть там и тягачи европейские только. В American Truck Simulator возможно будет.

  2. EneaMaconi says:

    fake, it’s not updated, and that is the old sound of the Scania R 2009

  3. Vitfon says:

    Не стыдно писать что мод обновлён под 1.20 ?!?!?!,в архиве все папки 2013 года,и как следствие – весь лог красный!!!

  4. Dmitrii says:

    “Роскошный”))) А где стеклоочистители?

  5. nmgsyp says:

    crap ! a lot of error and can’t modify parts

  6. matpol98 says:

    Why has there been so much crap on this site lately?

  7. Zolee says:

    Wrong motor, wrong transmission, no tuning.

  8. Антон says:

    Да, действительно это обман. Уже второй раз. Лог весь красный. Ничего не исправлено. Как было, так и осталось

  9. aleksey says:

    ЛАЖА. Хахаха.

  10. Roller says:

    In scripts files fixed in version 1.20.
    Works on version 1.20
    Files run without error.
    Thanks for the mod!

    Information not happy side, the old mod does not run on the new version 1.20
    So we are in complete corrected version mod.

  11. putrasigma says:

    front lamp not work, any solution?

  12. Serena says:

    CRAP !!!

  13. Curve says:

    First off, let’s start with the good. The model is good and the interior is average.

    Now to the bad. There are two options for tuning; a bumper and the side skirts, both of which are not meshed with the rest of the model, so you can’t even count those as options. On the last version, there was a third option; the bug shield, but that was also offset from center, so it’s probably best it’s no longer an option.

    The interior is a good start, but it’s got rough edges and some things that could use cleaning up. The speedometer is not accurate, and besides the tachometer, none of the other gauges are operational. The rear roof looks like someone tacked up a sheet; it’s hardly the interior I’d expect to see in a Cascadia.

    The engine and transmission options are nil; stolen parts from Scania (which is why I suspect it’s sold at the Scania dealer).

    Overall: 3.5/10 Collaborate with some other artists and give us some tuning options!

  14. Ramiro says:


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