Freightliner Cascadia


There chassis 6×4, 6×2
Not painted, small tyunning not modified shadow.
It has its own lounge (no steering, tidy and thin). Replaces: Iveco,
tested on 1.3.1

Author: Originally, Big Bob By completion: By Dimok Author envelope in
ETS 2: fenderok


20 thoughts on “Freightliner Cascadia

  1. Freddy Jimmink

    Nice truck! These guys understand what to make,

    Fix the interiorlightnig while using blinkers, get the right stearing wheel and make it skinnable, but i can live with it, it drives smoothly in

    Great job to all authos Hail Hail Hail!



    1. AussieKenworth

      If anyone else made this Freddy would be being rude and calling it ####. Stop riding his ####.

      1. Freddy Jimmink

        When it is good i say so, when it is bad i say so,



  2. filip croatia

    tnx for feedback freddy

  3. Freddy Jimmink

    You’re more than welcome,



  4. I agree with freddy but it also works and drives smoothly on 1.3.1. needs work on the exterior wipers and fix the distortion in the door mirros. hope to see this wip improve. There are alot of us who like this type of truck so for now I can live with it too. I thought it was going to be a big problem with the nose out so far in front, but you adjust your driving habits to make them work. This truck even shows up in ai trucks. cool. Keep up the good work.

  5. raulonchon

    no run multimod 3.0

  6. Bart van Ham

    Why not fix everything before releasing it?

  7. Freddy Jimmink

    Maybe they don’t know how o fix?

    1. AussieKenworth

      I’m sure you can fix it Jimmy, you’re always saying how bad other people’s work is so I’m sure your capable of much better work.. oh wait, you just make skins.. lolololololol

  8. this doesnt work on me. can someone help me?

  9. does it replace anything?

    1. AussieKenworth

      “Replaces: Iveco”

      Try reading the information provided.

      1. Freddy Jimmink

        Our new commentator, the man who only writes!

        1. AussieKenworth

          Correct. I do not share my mods with this site, you would all be too surprised to see a truck mod that actually looks and works as good as SCS’s.

          1. Freddy Jimmink

            Blablablabla What a cheep talk! ####, blabber, BULLSHIT!

            I don’t believe this man,

            So Aussiekenworth i know if You are that good what You’re saying than You could have a lot of fans my friend,

  10. Speedometer & Tachometer (revs) doesn’t work on dash???

  11. i cant use this mod. how i can use this mod? create new game or just place the mod to mod folder and load the game? please tell me…
    sorry about my bad english

  12. Freddy Jimmink

    First sell Your truck and than go to a IVECO dealer, there You can buy 1 of the Fred’s, tune it and have a nice drive,



  13. Freddy Jimmink

    The more i drive with it, the more i respect it, and forget the mishaps,

    It is so well done, like the Onixer Peterbilt, and still i hope there will be a moder who fix it and leve it open and upload it here,

    A VERY Big HAIL to the author(s)
    and this 1 i use instead of the locked v.1.0 version wich crashes my game constantly!



    PS Man downunder show me what You can or go back in Your cave!

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