Freightliner Century Update v 4.0


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Optimization and Support under the ETS 2
Update issued in two files for each game!
The update corrected previously found shoals.
Reconfigure mats.
The work on the interior.
Reworked the entire shadow.
For ETS2 added Sabins Cabin Accessories DLC support.
Spend the same optimization on the model for more FPS. More details smoothed.
Find by Volvo Dealer
game Version 1.22

Author: VINZEL

DOWNLOAD 126 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 126 MB [Uploadfiles]

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9 thoughts on “Freightliner Century Update v 4.0

  1. Unfortunally don’t worked for me (v. – eventually a specific Volvo-Dealer or in all Volvo-Stores?

    best regards

    1. …I#ve solved the problem: took the truck above in the list 😉

      best regards

  2. Hey! Nice job!

    But I need some help. I’m not a modder and I don’t understand anything about 3d modeling, but this mod is in conflict with other old mod of mine, and the both have passwords.

    Can the modder please e-mail me the password? (to [email protected])

    I just want to change the Volvo slot in order to use it.

    Thanks! And, again, nice job!

  3. When i select detroit diesel 500 – game crashes,when i ride (with other engine – cat) with load and turning about 180 degrees right or left then truck is shaking a bit,these problems i have…

  4. it’s need change dealer. because incompatibility with my best truck PETERBILT 351

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