Freightliner Century


Tested on 1.9 version
Russian powerful fredliner for ets2, have fun!
there are tuning century columbia.

DB3,scs, Abshabdul, Gleb.


28 thoughts on “Freightliner Century

  1. Can we see some video,please?!(Truck driving,truck parts)

  2. kriechbaum

    Here a little video, just to show the truck.

    Tuning is poor, No tuning, but can be paint, curtains can’t be removed from the shop.

    Can be found in a Volvo delearship, standalone truck.

    1. Curtains/flags can be removed, they are the accesory under the sun visor.

      There is small tuning in way of:
      -left and or/right hood mirrors
      -2 stripe decals
      -A few “sideskirt” options
      -Doll and spotlights above visor

      And of course selection of Century or Columbia front and interior.

  3. NON_Steam_PLAYER

    HEY??? ….CAN someone MAKE a mod for WEATHER??? …..because the old one dont work on 1.9! ……

  4. Johnny Trucker

    With interior, very good work

  5. NevadaWolfpack99

    Wow!! You realesed it! Thank you so much!! I cant wait to use it! Keep up the amazing work!

  6. Piece of ####!

    1. NevadaWolfpack99

      Do you know anything about modding? I’d like to see you do better.

  7. well not a bad truck runs well i got 3 things i think need to be changed 1 the engine sound needs the king of truck sound mr kriechbaum magic touch to improve the sound 2 can not see drivers mirror sitting to close to front screen and needs a few addons otherwise not bad hope you can sort it all out well done.

  8. They have these in Russia?Its ironic because this truck is originally from the United States.

    1. @Ramin, yea mate was going to say the same thing. haha.

  9. Kill4MeHILL

    Freightliner= AMERICAN MADE!!!!!!! since 1942
    And the mod is of sub-par standards, low quality…. Not recommended!

  10. I will wait for better reviews on this truck but ty for the mod. I still run my W900L powered by kriechbaum :), Now that is a truck that needs an update!!!!! Love that truck plus it looks great with the Oculus as well.

  11. why would one go thru all the work to make such a nice mod of an american truck just to put these ridiculous curtains in them. just make a #### base model and let ppl that want the ###### curtains put them in… almost downloaded it till i saw them

    1. Amen to that.
      They’re trucks, not tea shops.

    2. NevadaWolfpack99

      As much as i would love that as well, I guess russains like that kinda stuff In their truck, and maybe edit it yourself? Its in the files..

    3. You can remove the curtains, bro.

  12. #### Sol!!!!

  13. Matchstick

    not bad but needs a lot of work. good to see some more Freightliner trucks getting into ets2.

  14. kriechbaum

    i am working on it, to improve, as i can the truck.

    I think you will enjoy it guys.

    See u.

    1. NevadaWolfpack99

      Alright kreich!! Can you remove the curtains and little knick-knacks?

  15. Hell yeah TY Kriechbaum!!!!!!!!

  16. kriechbaum

    Hi all,

    atm this is the changelog for the version i’ll post may be today here or tomorrow, because there’s again a huge of work to do. I think i’ll do these improvements in two steps.

    This is what is already done :

    -dashboard, tachometer, speedometer improved
    -many new textures inside (almost all the inside cabine’s textures are new)
    -removed curtains
    -front bumper texture new
    -rear mud flaps new
    -renamed the truck properly
    -fixed the camera view with better FOV, camera is independant and do not affect others trucks.
    -renamed the engines properly with true values
    -added 3 gear boxes (13 and 18 speed) and retarder
    -trucks will come with 2 separated sounds mod, DD60 series and Caterpillar C15. So, btw, you will have 3 sounds possible with this truck if we include the standart sound.


  17. can u make a freightliner argosy

  18. what program do you use to make this?

  19. patrickbarton

    what do you expect it is a freightshacker

  20. Guys If you know anything about american trucks we all have curtains in them .just they push back until night when we sleep so no one can see in the truck . good idea .maybe not the type of curtains .i love the truck its my daily on this game .actually the only truck i drive would love more skins and roof top maybe like a daycab or flattop

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