Freightliner Classic XL 2

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First of all, i want to thank everyone who contributed to this truck and kept it alive since the very first release. You have my deepest gratitude.

This mod is a compilation of various assets, about half of it is my original work, i spent a lot of time working on the truck (and by “a lot” i mean “A LOT”), hours and hours of tireless creating, editing, remeshing, remastering and so on. I won’t be going through all available options here and leave this to you.

In a few words: two cabins, three engine sound options, overwhelming customization. For more complete experience i encourage you to download “Sisl Megapack”, especially if you use ATS version.

Updated UV-map, had to correct some issues with midroof cabin, so i apologize paintjob makers, you should update most of your mods to work correctly with midroof option. There’s nothing i can do.

If you play ETS2 and notice crashes while in truck config menu, it may be related to missing Accessories DLC. I personally couldn’t reproduce this crash on my setup/never had any problems with it.

You can purchase it at Kenworth/Renault dealership.

Please do not reupload and respect the original link. Have fun!



19 thoughts on “Freightliner Classic XL 2

  1. Спасибо ???

  2. Зря ты его выпустил до 1.27 – придется переделывать.
    А за модель – спасибо.

  3. Video Test^^^^

  4. Thanks for this awesome mod and for your hard work odd_fellow.
    It is much appreciated.

  5. jaymz1701

    it’s good to see you again odd_fellow, thank you again for all your hard work

  6. good work, I like this truck! there are still a lot of interior camera obsolete attributes flowing in the same rhythm as the license plates warnings, but most important there are no other errors!
    …and I’m glad to see the left hood mirror back 😉

  7. nuttywolf3

    Posting this on the ATS mod site would be nice.

    1. odd_fellow

      I did upload the ATS version already, we have to wait until admin approves my post.

  8. julien20049

    vraiment super mod il marche nickel je vous le conseil !

  9. huoi anott


    1. odd_fellow

      You realize that this is ETS2 mods site? I’ve uploaded ATS version, it’s currently awaiting approval on

  10. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video on my Youtube Channel

  11. Game crash every time i select something i want to change.

  12. biggy smalley

    Great truck! The only detail I would like to see changed it the position of the right mirror. I have a superwide monitor and see both mirrors from the interior and the right side image is split in two by the wing window vertical support. If you were to move it farther away from the cab it would be perfect. Thanks to odd_fellow.

  13. odd_fellow please can you upload the ats version elsewhere as it’s not coming up on the atsmods site

  14. MetalGhostxD

    Crash in 1.27 :c

    1. yes!

  15. Please Update a 1.27!

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