Freightliner Classic XL Reworked v 1.0

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This mod adds Freightliner Classic truck in the game. Features new textures and models (exterior and interior), CAT and Cummins sounds, some tuning options, Accessories DLC adaptation and a template to create your own paintjobs for this truck. Ride with style!

Tested on version 1.21.

Located in Iveco dealership, 5th slot.

Rig’n’Roll authors: Softclub-NSK
Convert to ETS2: Oleg Conte, Sergej Baltazar
Some parts were borrowed from different trucks, author: dmitry68
Misc details used inside: don’t know/can’t remember
Sound authors: me and some Kriechbaum files (exhaust, jakebrake)
Wheels: ventyres
Pretty much everything else was made by me (odd_fellow) and SCS.

Also, i would appreciate any feedback on how this truck handles heavy loads (over 30t), if anything is not working properly, i’ll fix it in the next version.

Authors: SCS Software, Oleg Conte, Sergej Baltazar, Kriechbaum, dmitry68, odd_fellow


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42 thoughts on “Freightliner Classic XL Reworked v 1.0

  1. For some reason when i went to the iveco dealer it was not there please help

  2. Game crash when i ever try to install any upgrade or accessories .

  3. also I found something really weird, when I remove Peterbilt 389 mod, I can’t find this truck ! and when I active Peterbilt 389 mod, this mod truck show up again !

    1. odd_fellow

      Most likely a mod conflict. Try to run only this mod and nothing more and see if it works for you.

      1. yes you’re right it has a conflict with Peterbilt 389 mod , but also still game crash when trying to add accessories, paint ..etc .
        anyhow I wish I could use it, it’s look amazing in the garage 😀

      2. dimask888

        я ставил с петербилтом 389,и не кокого вылета нет,спасибо за мод

        1. the error is of my game not the mod, I solved the problem and it’s working fine with Peterbilt 389 now.

          thanks for the mod,


    very good truck

  5. this truck use the same slot position of 389?

  6. This truck is diferent slot of 389 and works fine here with 389

  7. Спасибо Иван. Не могу ответить в другом месте. Отличная работа!

    1. 23 мегабайта (pmg) моему домашнему коню не потянуть. А жаль.

      1. odd_fellow

        Облегчать там почти нечего, к сожалению, но может быть в следующей версии pmg будет весить меньше. Спасибо.

        1. Очень надеюсь. И не только я.

          1. > то там будет расширенный салон “от Рудакова”
            Не надо ни на кого оглядываться, делай что считаешь нужным. ЭТО ТВОЙ МОД.

  8. Господи 10/10,это шедевр.Кто создал этот мод вы просто боги.10/10.

  9. Doktor_Psix

    Отличный Тягач,звук вообще бомба!!!!

    1. vladic 302

      только народ прав,слишком тяжёлый-мой зверь тоже хоть и не слабый,но 500 мб это слишком для моего,если только облегчат до 200 минимум,иначе на дефолте придётся остатся,автору конечно респект,тестил-зверь

  10. outlawangelad

    thank you this is a american classic and you did a good job with it i own one and it is so life like keep adding to it rear finders and more frames good work and i dose work with the peterbilt 389 by viper love it thank you

  11. Автор,облегчи модель пожалуйста.А-то покататься очень хочется:)

    1. vladic 302

      Ромарио,трак отбалансирован отлично,хоть и весит 500 мб,проблема в загрузке игры-очень медленная,а так трак как дефолт летает по трассе,389 курит в сторонке по оптимизации

  12. christophe

    joli camion bravo merci bien

  13. very nice truck

  14. ShuqGrind

    At last, I had been waiting for a latest update of this rig. Can’t deny it is a #### awesome rig. Thanx a lot guys!

  15. Hi, I like the truck. I made a change to the front axle weight to 7300.1 to make it steer better with a 50T load. Also I noticed there is a gap between the turntable (5th Wheel) and the trailer when connected.

  16. VIDEO HD v1.21s:

    These trucks will be adapting and go to American Truck Simulator

    Fun dance! :))

  17. супер

    1. Whats new in that link if i may ask?

  18. The truck works great, havent had any gamebreaking problems with it. The model looks great, and the sound is great! Although i did notice a couple of errors/warning messages in the console, not sure if that may be a conflict or not but it wasent any serious. The game works great!

  19. Great mod, work perfect and i have no conflict with Peterbilt, kenworth or other…Great job guys and thank you.

  20. Freddy Jimmink

    Great truck! Really AW-SO-ME!

    However………… I hope there will be a great sound comming up for this beauty, because the sound is sh.t

    Let this kind of trucks comming up more on!

    1. odd_fellow

      >the sound is sh.t

      I won’t be adding other people’s sound mods just because someone think it’s sh*t. This here is my work and my vision of how the truck should sound, a lot of effort was put into it, and i am proud of it. Don’t like it – don’t use it, that simple.

  21. 3letsskate

    Pulled 55k like a dream man, great truck, great sounds and works perfectly fine with my peterbilt v1.9. Found it in Iveco Dealership for those wondering. The curtains for the side windows may be too far forward tho as trying to look out the window before a turn is kinda hard to see, then again I could be sitting too far back lol

  22. Lordamused

    Nice job on the truck. The Cummins sound is the best I have ever heard.

    You asked for feedback on how the truck handles 30t+ loads. Well, I have one 40t hooked right now and the truck slids all over the place when accelerating. So it most likely needs a fix!


  23. great mod myfriend,but when i upgrade the truck,why the animation can’t diaplay like cube and the other…any one can help me….

  24. Deez Nuts

    Fix the game crash PLEASE ! how can you relase a mod that crash everytime you try to use it -.-

  25. Reaux2000

    Truck crashes everytime i go to paint and change it the game crashes on 1.22

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