Freightliner Classic XL Reworked v 2.3

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Version 2.3:
* Fixed crash

Mod update to 1.27 game version
– Standalone
– Iveco dealer
– Interior
– Tuning
– Sounds

Tested 1.27

Softclub-NSK, odd_fellow, Nikola (Константин-Донбасс)


6 thoughts on “Freightliner Classic XL Reworked v 2.3

  1. please make it for mid roof crash fix update!!!!

  2. Is it possible to make it fot ats?

  3. Nikola(Konstantin-Donbass)

    In the testing process, a bug with the twist of the turn indicator was detected. Everything is fixed. Here is a new download link:
    Old links do not work!
    I apologize for the inconvenience! Good game!

  4. Someone actually credits SoftclubNSK, wow

  5. please make it for mid roof!

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