Freightliner Classic XL v 3.2.0

Freightliner-Classic-XL-1 Freightliner-Classic-XL-2 Freightliner-Classic-XL-3

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– Standalone
– Iveco dealer
– Wheels
– Interior
– Sounds
– DLC Cabin Accesories
– Tuning
– Tested 1.22 game version

Author: John Ruda

DOWNLOAD 168 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 168 MB [Uploadfiles]

25 thoughts on “Freightliner Classic XL v 3.2.0

  1. vladic 302

    nice truck

  2. This truck ist just awsome. Looking forward to see a interieur with darker wood. But so far it is a very nice truck. One of my favourite truck mods ever made.

  3. can someone give me a link with the template for this truck?

  4. RhastalordTV

    1080p60fps ᴴᴰ Review Video of Truck

  5. can’t wait for this mod in American Truck Simulator hehe

  6. Nice! I don’t have any Freightliner trucks, and I was waiting for one with a good sound and that looks like a high quality mod. This truck is amazing. Thank you! Oh, and it has a Utah license plate. That’s a bonus because I live in Utah XD

  7. Truck seems to have no engine brake sound. When I try and open the mods scs file as a archive to rectify the problem, it won’t open…How come ?

    1. Exactly my problem. Tried to fix it but I can’t even open the file. Shame…

      1. My problem too… If someone finds a fix please let me know!

  8. can you put costum 12 inch pipe exhaust and the chrome sun visor to the truck everybody will love it even more look at this truck

  9. Okay. I had hope for this truck but I found some problems. This is not optimized for 1.22. Truck has no engine brake. I was going to fix it myself but the file won’t open. Such a shame. Deleted mod…

  10. Yeah, back to the T800, at least I got that mother growling like a angry dog

  11. Trying Freightliner ClassicXL reworked.1.6.Engine brake its possible to repair.Engine and interior sound is awesome.I’am driving Freightliner Classic XL rew.1.6 and Freightliner Coronado Stas556 and Dmitry68 1.6 ver. too. Version 3.2.0 this truck is no good. Sorry for my English i’am from Poland 😉 Have a nice day.

  12. I wonder why the file has more than 600 Mb, with much above the size of the reworked v1.6 file, how long has fewer options for tuning it, than v1.6 version. !!!?

    For me it’s an downgrade, not an upgrade, compared to version 1.6

    1. odd_fellow

      This truck has absolutely nothing to do with my Reworked XL mod, fyi.

  13. no go its a damaged file

  14. The 7z file is getting error. It says corrupted file. Can you change the link please?

  15. Daesung Grinder Oh

    this is great Freightliner Classic XL.
    yes it’s nothing to do with Odd_fellow’s rework version..different template layout.
    but. hope u fix little bugs such as low quality of mirror, no brake sound..ets..
    Thanks a lot anyway..cheers

  16. FragmaniaGame
  17. PinkJackal

    Driving test and customization:

  18. darnellm09

    Well no skins for it worked for me and when I did my own paint the fuel tanks stayed white, I’m running no other mods so can’t say it’s a conflict, it also lags

  19. Moore Trucking VTC

    I can’t add the truck into ETS Studio because it gives me a Ionic.Zip.Badpasswordexception. Are there any ways to fix that? I am looking to make a skin for the truck.

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