Freightliner Classic XL v 4.7.0 for ETS2 [1.28.x]

Offline. Auto Renault
Spelled out in the company of Europe
Fixed some skins
Added DLC with ATS – DLC Steering wheel

Test version 1.28.3

Softclub-NSK, Oleg Conte, Sergej Baltazar, dmitry68, Kriechbaum, Odd_fellow, Ventyres, John Ruda, memes, John Ruda, Drive Safely, Sliipais, Danex.


11 thoughts on “Freightliner Classic XL v 4.7.0 for ETS2 [1.28.x]

  1. Title says ETS2 1.28.3 images say ETS2 1.27.2

  2. SCS dont release 1.28x till today..

    Also, its fake mod, click baiting #### !

    1. sh!t !

      1. yes ETS2 1.28 not release today….

  3. Mod ported from ATS 1.28 open beta, so it ready for ETS 1.28
    Maybe … 😀

  4. fullxpert

    Фуфел !грибов обьелись?какая 1.28 версия ,если на данный момент 1.27,попуск от психоделиков поможет.

    1. already not release in ETS2 1.28 today….

  5. Thanks for stealing Mod by Jon-Ruda..

    1. Make the same comment for other stolen/re-uploaded FREE mods, you hypocrite!

  6. Guest0311

    Truck is actually IVECO not Renault!

  7. it’s Renault Dealer or Iveco Dealer!!!

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