Freightliner Classic XL v 4.7.5 [1.28.x]

Freightliner classic XL V4.7.5
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Update Freightliner classic XL V4.7.5

List of changes relative to version 4.7.0 4.7.5:
1. Added headache racks behind the cab tuning (is a separate file, do not forget to connect!).
2. Fixed lighting appliances: you can now adjust its brightness.
3. Fixed display of signs a driver and partner in the cabin.
4. Fully adapted lighting.
5. The antennas on the mirrors now you can put it on both sides. Also added a second view of the antenna (tilted).
6. Fixed displaying Russian room at the back (for ets2). Now he is in another place and it does not abut the splash shield.
7. Converted the high beam on the headlights with the orange envelopes on the inner reflectors.
8. Added 1 new visor.
9. Added a new option bonnet mirrors.
10. Added new options for mounting fenders and standard aligned, and 1 of the splash guard.

* jon-ruda * COne – (textures) * Softlab – (textures/models) * Kriechbum – (sounds) * Daniil Shatskiy – (textures) * Max Dmitriev – (model) * SNAIL_KILLA – (sounds) * Dogface – (textures/models) * Viktor Roldugin (Tumbler) – (skin) * Chris Husky (help)


3 thoughts on “Freightliner Classic XL v 4.7.5 [1.28.x]

  1. Any chance to Freightliner FLA?

  2. Stolen paymod from jon-ruda

  3. Works not Crash

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