Freightliner Classic XL V2 by_oddfellow V1.30.x

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Freightliner Classic XL by odd_fellow
Buy in ATS – Kenworth
Update for ETS2 to by ets2xxreload.
Update for ATS to v1.30.0.1s by Genius.
Use along with above mentioned truck.
Fixes the following:
Crash when selecting flat top cab option
Multiple missing interior pieces for flat top cab option
Missing (SiSL) interior accessories for both cabs
Missing sounds
Restores SCI steering wheel logo to all non-Freightliner trucks
Patch made from files pulled from other trucks by odd_fellow. Much thanks to him for his beautiful trucks.
Thanks to Genius for the update to ATS v1.30.xx
Thanks to ets2xxreload for the update to ETS2 v1.30.xx
Restore SCI steering wheel logo credit: SCS
Patch FIX compiled by Windsor351

ONLY Author: odd_fellow,
FIX Path by Windsor351.
UPD to ATS: Genius.
UPD to ETS2: ets2xxreload.

odd_fellow, Windsor351, Genius. ets2xxreload.


11 Responses to Freightliner Classic XL V2 by_oddfellow V1.30.x

  1. Vlad says:

    This is update from Maxagent ака ETS2_mod

  2. TRUCKER says:

    Some chrome parts are purple !!!
    (game ver.: ETS2 1.30 / ATS 1.30)
    All have the same ?

    Please FIX it !
    Thanks !

    • BEAST says:

      This problem is taught if used in conjunction with other his mod:
      (Freightliner FLD v 2.0_by_oddfellow V1.30.x)

      At what this mod should be higher than this!

      This mod used some parts from Freightliner FLD v 2.0_by_oddfellow V1.30.x….

    • OooogaBoooga says:

      @Trucker, I had the same issue. It was ohaha’s Volvo FH16 Mod. If you have it then take it out of the mod manager.

      • TRUCKER says:

        @OooogaBoooga no, i’m using game without any other mods (ETS2 or ATS no diff)…
        In game logs i found errors related with absent components from Freightliner FLD…

  3. AzoraxModdingGaming says:

    HD Test Video 1080P:

  4. BEAST says:

    Detailed REVIEW:

  5. Devil666 says:

    The highest priority is still pink

  6. mikehackenbacker says:

    the cat skins joanie brosas are by grinder rock you,i dont see his name for skins

  7. Paulys Custom skins says:

    The original CAT skin is made by me and someone added there stuff on top of it

  8. Kei says:

    Freightliner Classic XL with Fifth Wheel Hook up Trailer bugs…

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