Freightliner Classic XL

Freightliner-Classic-XL-1 Freightliner Classic XL 2 Freightliner Classic XL 3 Freightliner Classic XL 4

Replaces Iveco Truck
Tested on 1.3.1 version
Replaces for sale, not an independent model.
Has a lounge and a thin, tyunning, painted, all lights and more.


Author base model: game creators truckers 3
Author envelope in GTS: Oleg_Conte
Author envelope: Former Pasha aka axe666.
Author envelope animation in the cabin wih Rudakov.


17 thoughts on “Freightliner Classic XL

  1. ?? where the eff is the second axel ?

    ain’t this supposed to be a prime mover tractor unit …
    because it looks #### gay as a single driven axel

    1. That was the first thing I noticed too and the main reason I won’t be downloading it.
      If they ever made one with a single rear axle, I’ve never seen it.
      The fenders are there, where is the axle?

      1. Hi TFM,

        same here mate, I have NEVER seen a big rig freightliner single rear axel,

        some of the small day cab tractor units perhaps ? though I don’t recall ever seeing a freightliner what ever the cab as a single rear axel

        And DEFINATELY not on a sleeper cab setup.

  2. Why don´t you download it ? Perhaps there is a surprise.

  3. The rear axle is only missing, because he bought a 4×2 chassi, if he bought a 6×2/4 chassi im sure the axle will be there!

  4. why the hell make it so it can be a single axel in the first place?

    the dude that made the KW rig had the right idea …dual driven axels …

    and if the dude/s that made this wanted to show the truck ( picture ) in the best possible light then they should have used a dual axel picture…

    if this can be changed into a dual axel then fair enough ” provided its not a pile of #### like that peterbilt ” …however the picture should be changed as it looks very silly like that..

  5. And again a truck with not correct working wipers.

  6. the node are there in z mod for dual axles, just download it and try it in 6×4 form and cut ya whinging, geeezus

  7. and I assume your speaking of Zm3 which COSTS …
    as Zm2 wont cut it in ets 2…. Numbnuts …

    that’s why most modders at truckstop wont use the #### ..

    and you don’t whinge yourself #### ….BULLSHIT…

    1. #### YOU ARE POOR!

  8. also the steering wheel looks Horrible

    To the creator of this made please fix:
    -the interior
    -and get wipers working!!
    P.S this is why i drive Scania’s and Western Star’s 😀

    1. HighwayEagle

      Never seen a Western Star for ETS2. Where’d you get it please?

  9. Needs FIXED!

    1. Works fine, friend.

  10. So he fixed

    ” From Daniel”
    “also the steering wheel looks Horrible”

    “To the creator of this made please fix:”
    “-the interior”
    “-and get wipers working!!”

  11. Mirrors don’t work

  12. Wheel looks horrible because picture is of STANDARD interior. Choose PREMIUM interior and steering wheel is much nicer.

    Also, pictures are of a 4×2 chassis, you can also buy 6×4 and 6×2.

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