Freightliner Columbia v 2.1

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What’ New 2.1:
– Mainly reported bugs fixed
– Files deleted causing errors
– Standalone
– Find in Mercedes Dealer
– 5 Cabins
– 1 Chassis
– Own Interior
– Own Sound
– Cab and cable support
– Update for 1.33.x game version

[email protected]_1996


17 thoughts on “Freightliner Columbia v 2.1

  1. Lol my mod is the best. Don’t like it? Kindly p i s s off and whine elsewhere

    1. SiMoN3 ETS2

      What problems should the people like you do the child (if not) stealing things that people have lost hours of their life to do to share with the community, which fortunately is not all made up of people like you ….

  2. Haha I do what I want, and ShareMods can #### it. Not my fault you have bad computer!

    1. SiMoN3 ETS2

      Your mum has a bad pc, child 🙂

  3. your mod is the shitiest retarded child you stole mods from others and take credits you are a ####### thief and a retarded child someone benned this ##### thief reupload only for make 1 cent GO TO WORK SHITHEAD

    1. Done with your tantrum? This mod stays, and if it gets deleted, I’ll reupload it again! 😀

    2. Ignore kids mod, mateo! No pub, no money! 😉

  4. You kids whine over a mod I made, whether I stole it or not, take it or leave it, learn to stay in school instead of throwing a fit!

  5. Please make Dodge Ram 3500!

  6. As I said, this mod stays and I will upload more mods, whether I’m called a thief or not, and if my mod is removed, I will reupload it again so either download or don’t, your tamtrums aren’t welcome here 😛

  7. AlexCrazy

    this is v 2.0 from may ’18

  8. Imagine actually paying real money for a mod


  9. Not work & stolen mod!

  10. у тебя трак чуточку не работает , когда флд и классик вместе

  11. Another mod protected by password lol. ###### modders lol. Thank you for wasting my time.

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