Freightliner Columbia V2.1


Replaces Volvo
Don’t use exclusive interior but use the standard one and use the 6×4 chassis otherwise it looks weird.

Author: Sanya42


10 Responses to Freightliner Columbia V2.1

  1. max says:

    nádherná muzika jako podkres :-)…můžeš napsat co,nebo kdo to hraje??rád bych si hudbu našel na internetu.Jinak krásný truck !!!

  2. Peti 1986 says:

    Szép munka Sándor!!

  3. max says:

    nenašel jsem…hledám konkrétní hudbu s tohoto klipu…jinak díky

  4. Richard says:

    Does the barrier or whatever goes through the front when hit? Volvo interior?

    • Tom says:

      Nope the nose is a barrier so it does clip through walls and it does have it’s own very nice interior 🙂

  5. Richard says:

    No bonnet… Just the mirrors… When went to choose cabin the game crashed

  6. Leonid says:

    а сделай нос от Фредлайнер Кантри а интерьер оставь таким же внутри

  7. Brandon says:

    dosen’t work properly even when i do what you said…the truck is disfigured

  8. Ander says:

    Hello there nice mod thanks
    How do you get the interior where you can see better over the hood like in this video? Greetings from Texax

  9. Darrell says:

    Nice Truck but Like “Brandon” said its disfigured Bad 🙁

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