Freightliner Coronado Original Interior


Freightliner Coronado Original Interior



10 Responses to Freightliner Coronado Original Interior

  1. paul says:

    Tried to download but keeps saying no file help please

  2. ralfi says:

    kann auch nicht runterladen

  3. K-whopper says:

    Paul do u have winrar file opener n file reader. thats what i have i just download this mod n it worked fine for me.
    google winRAR its a free download

  4. K-whopper says:

    thank u Mnwa228 downloaded n tested works n looks good

  5. UKHAUL says:

    don’t touch guys link has malware attached

    • maddison says:

      nope, u should check your PC. The file is ok. I don’t know that you have downloaded, the mod is no *exe, it’s a rar file with an scs file within.

  6. zach says:

    the only issue i have is the dash is really white could tone it down or its just me but i want mine a darker color . i have changed some thing is in it like the curtin . but its only for me unless i can release it with permission . but i wish the dash was a little darker same with doors ..

  7. paul says:

    yes I do have WinRAR its the download site which I saying no file (no file to download from the download site not my WinRAR)

  8. K-whopper says:

    hhhmmmmm Paul u had a problem with share mod? i just downloaded it again. still no problem for me. that sucks man

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