Freightliner Coronado Original v1.5


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– Redesigned the interior
– Added separate folders mats and textures salon (for those who like to do)
– The dashboard is updated
– Optimized model
– Sounds updated.
– Chrome not lit at night

Tested 1.16

Stas556, dmitry68, kriechbaum, knox_xss


34 Responses to Freightliner Coronado Original v1.5

  1. matpol98 says:

    Nice, can you please fix the chrome on the kenwort t800? Its just too bright at night aswell…

    • dmitry68 says:

      fix update soon

      • matpol98 says:

        Ahh, nice! Its ben the only thing who has bothered me with that truck, specialy cause i like to drive at night time 😉

  2. kriechbaum says:

    Very nice Thanks.

  3. Fera says:

    Can you put another Download link?

  4. maddison says:

    Love this truck, thanks 🙂 Will take look 🙂

  5. UKHAUL says:

    Hi Guys,

    Love this truck, don’t know if this is a big ask but would it be possible to do new interiors as a separate Mod ??


    • maddison says:

      Yeah, i agree, i would love to have the old more yellow colors on the interior. Would be very fine. 🙂

      • YOGI says:

        Since when do Coronado’s have yellow color interiors?

        • maddison says:

          Not direct yellow, i mean the lightning and colors that the first one have in the instruments. Found it nice during in the night. When I put back the old files I have it, but that’s a workaround, not how to do it with such a fine model 😉

          I don’t know, which colors the original ones have 🙂

  6. noune45 says:

    bonjour superbe camion seul hic on ne voie pas le rétro gauche de l’intérieur pouvez vous y remédier svp sinon superbe camion

  7. Human says:

    can make price more higher or realislic price for like a life

  8. Sebi81 says:

    Wow! I am very excited about this truck. Is it possible to fix the engine’s info? Some performance data has been converted incorrectly from hp to kw (see 600hp-engines). Otherwise super truck ..:-))
    The update of Kirschbaum is no longer needed, right? TY
    Interior is great too!!

  9. BanditGamingHD says:

    nice truck

  10. MonstersCat says:

    If you have the old version will this replace the truck you already drive or will it like take it away and you have to rebuy it?

  11. UKHAUL says:

    same question as above, would love to keep current mileage but love the updated interior

  12. Jeremy says:

    Why i there isnot a left side mirror like original trucks?

  13. Gabriel says:

    Stas please update this truck

    Great job!

  14. Myke x says:

    Nice Truck, but game crashes when press key I to dashboard info, and no show the gears into teh small circle.

  15. UKHAUL says:

    Hi, I have managed to do this updating the mod but keeping my same mileage etc.

    Download Mod from here
    Unzip and save to Desktop
    Rename the new scs file exactly the same as old version remember exactly no typos all dots caps etc (better to copy and paste)
    Now when you try to put this new file into your mod folder….you will get a tick box telling you that you have a file already with the same name
    Take the Replace File option and tick
    Hey Presto updated truck with no showroom visit and same milage etc
    Remember and finish all jobs before you do this


  16. matii says:

    Hola una pregunta me pide una contraseña, cual es?

  17. Leonan says:

    How could I get in touch with the owner of that truck?

  18. Caleb says:

    This truck is excellent from the top to bottom, the only con i have with it is the dam steering, it is so dam slow and makes me go to like 5 mph to make a turn so i don’t slam into the railing or go off the road, fix that and its a 10 but so far 8/10 great mod keep it up!

  19. Victor Hugo Gobbi Brandt says:

    Muito show este caminhão

  20. Victor Hugo Gobbi Brandt says:

    em belo Mod muito legal mesmo gostei demais

  21. Victor Hugo Gobbi Brandt says:

    Nota 10 para este mod muito bom show mesmo

  22. Souljah says:

    Does this work on 1.16.2 also???

  23. vikas shakya says:

    Lost my profile after installing it lost everything,
    My profile got disappear.
    It exist but doesn’t appear.

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