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Please read the mod description before installing.

This mod adds american classic Freightliner FLB Low Cab truck in the game. Custom interior and exterior models and textures, a lot of tuning options (more to come), DLC Accessories support, self-made C15, 3406 and ISX engine sounds. Template included.

Tested on version 1.22.

Located in Volvo dealership, 7th slot.

18 WoS ET2 authors: SCS Software
Convert to ETS2, interior and exterior: odd_fellow
Sound authors: odd_fellow (few sounds are Kriechbaum’s)
Wheels: ventyres

Please respect my download link, don’t reupload it anywhere.

SCS Software, odd_fellow


55 thoughts on “Freightliner FLB 1.0

  1. So I guess this is the G1 Optimus truck model ?

  2. Please Make Usable Or Patch For Patch 1.21?

  3. He was a pre 90s model. This is a 1998 one from the looks of it.

  4. Awesome truck, … awesome.

    Love it, thks

  5. wonderful job , will their be a right hand drive in the future

  6. tyrannix2342

    Super mod :)sound it’s great

  7. Has anyone actually downloaded this? I have and it crashes every time (all other mods disabled)!

  8. Doktor_Psix

    Обзор на Русском!

  9. It’s not in slot 7, it’s in the first slot. And unfortunately it crashes my game when I try to buy it.

    1. odd_fellow

      Actually it’s 7th in the config file, it differs in game.

      1. OK, thanks for clarifying that. But it crashes my game when I try to buy it (all other mods disabled).

        1. odd_fellow

          Either your version of ETS2 is below 1.22 or you don’t have Accessories DLC, can’t say.

          1. Nope, I’m running version and I do have the cabin accessories DLC. I have the Mac version of the game (on steam), but that shouldn’t make a difference as both Windows and Mac versions share the same code-base. Perhaps your mod is using Windows-secific encodings for specific files that render the mod platform-specific. But thanks for your replies, I really appreciate it. The mod looks great by the way!

          2. it works fine with me , version 1.22 & I don’t have Accessories DLC , no crashes .

            thanks for the mod

      2. how do i do this?

    2. Brodze287

      i have ets2 on mac and pc and alot of the mods i use work on pc but make my game on mac crash

  10. Needs a 1.21 version

  11. It works great for

  12. Автор, исправь пожалуйста конфликты с Freightliner Classic и Argosy.

  13. K-whopper

    truck looks good. 1.21 patch would be nice.

    lost engine brake n c/c when updated 1.22., so went back to 1.21 but heard engine brake in this video.

    thanks for releasing to the public

    1. The engine brake is super easy to fix. It’s just a matter of changing two code lines. Watch this video. Hope it helps

      I’ve got pretty much every good truck mod there is. Some of them as old as 1.16 and they are all working great in v1.22 Here’s the very first version of the Peterbilt 351 running in v1.22. This is my video you can hear the engine brake.

      1. K-whopper

        GTHusky thanks alot for that video jake brake fix .

        updating 1.22 now

  14. CRASHES!

  15. Nice Truck, im loving it.

  16. ShuqGrind

    Awesome dude! What a nice piece of classic,it is one of the old freightliner cabover models. Thanks a lot!

    1. biffspurlock

      Please can you make an 1.21 version.

  17. biffspurlock

    Please can you back patch this to version 1.21

    1. Since you’re so desperate for a 1.21 version, we’ll assume you pirated the game. If that’s the case…BUY THE GAME #######! Problem solved.

  18. Грузовик офигенный! Всем советую)
    Один Рейс на Freightliner FLB:

  19. Great! Finally a Freightliner. White-Freightliner was the original company. Only the headlights and a few minor details were changed. Please keep up the good work!

  20. Angyalfoldi

    CRASHES! 🙁

  21. This mod works great for Windows users, but doesn’t work for the millions of people using the Mac version of the game because the author has used some files that require DirectX (D3D). The core game engine now uses Open GL exclusively, so the use of D3D limits mods to users of the Windows version of the game, which is such a shame and totally unnecessary. So if you use Windows go ahead and download it – it looks great! If you use a Mac, don’t bother downloading it.

    1. Totally correct ! Why do some mod-makers target directX when the game only uses openGL? Why limit the user-base to only windows? Would the mod-maker please remove the files that target directX so mac users can download this too please?

      1. RoadWarrior666

        Agree. MS Windows is a pile of ####. Unstable, insecure and SLOW. Why publish a mod for a cross-platform game like ETS2 if it requires a platform-dependent API like DirectX? ######!

  22. Angyalfoldi

    I dont understand to much. what download it?

    1. Sorry if I wasn’t clear. When I said ‘download it’ I was talking about this mod. So if you use Microsoft Windows, go ahead and download this mod – it will work fine. But don’t download this mod if you use an Apple Mac because it will crash. Hope this helps!

  23. CaptIISilveR

    Great mod indeed. One little problem – image slightly overexposed when in cabin view.

  24. Thank you for the nice “Efficient Machine”(as it was advertised)
    2 remarks however :

    – pls correct trailer attach node : trailers floating above 5th wheel
    – Cummins sound : “wind-noise” in the background, engine sound not present enough especially at low and mid revs

  25. Awesome truck no issues, even converted it to 8×4 lastnite for personal use,

    check out pics –

    keep up good work, ever need hand let me know, also thanks to Pauly for skins, lolll…

  26. GameplayHD2015

    1080p 60 Fps GTX 980 Video:

  27. laenen tom

    awesome truck thx

  28. Great news for Apple Mac users! I’ve fixed the problem that causes crashes. Just follow these steps
    1) Extract the downloaded .scs file ‘freightliner_FLB_1.0.scs’. I use ‘The Unarchiver’ from the Mac App Store.
    2) This creates a folder with the same name ‘freighliner_F…’
    3) Search the folder for ‘int_rubber.mat’. 2 files will be found.
    4) Open each file. If prompted to select an app with which to open the file, select the standard ‘TextEdit’ app.
    5) Now delete all the text and then paste the following text into the file before saving it:
    \eut2.dif.spec.add.env.tsnmap\ {
    texture[0] : \/vehicle/truck/renault_premium/interior/lightmap/9.tobj\
    texture_name[0] : \texture_base\
    texture[1] : \/vehicle/truck/renault_premium/interior/lightmap/9_n.tobj\
    texture_name[1] : \texture_nmap\
    texture[2] : \/material/environment/vehicle_reflection.tobj\
    texture_name[2] : \texture_reflection\
    diffuse : { 0.588235 , 0.588235 , 0.588235 }
    specular : { 0.156863 , 0.156863 , 0.156863 }
    shininess : 30
    add_ambient : 0
    env_factor : { 0.0784314 , 0.0784314 , 0.0784314 }
    6) After both files have been edited, you need to re-compress using the ‘Zip Expert’ app from the Mac App Store.
    7) Open ‘Zip Expert’ and ensure ‘work mode’ = ‘compress’, ‘format’ = ‘zip’ and ‘Method’ = ‘Store’.
    8) Now click the orange ‘Compress’ button and open the ‘Freightliner_F…’ folder in the file dialog that appears.
    9) Now select/highlight all of the files and sub-folders of the ‘Freightliner_F…’ folder and click ‘open’.
    10) Select a name & destination for your edited mod and click ‘save’. This will create a .zip file.
    11) Move that .zip file to your ets2 mod folder and activate in game.

    1. A correction to the text you need to paste into the files:

      material : “eut2.dif.spec.add.env.tsnmap” {
      texture[0] : “/vehicle/truck/renault_premium/interior/lightmap/9.tobj”
      texture_name[0] : “texture_base”
      texture[1] : “/vehicle/truck/renault_premium/interior/lightmap/9_n.tobj”
      texture_name[1] : “texture_nmap”
      texture[2] : “/material/environment/vehicle_reflection.tobj”
      texture_name[2] : “texture_reflection”
      diffuse : { 0.588235 , 0.588235 , 0.588235 }
      specular : { 0.156863 , 0.156863 , 0.156863 }
      shininess : 30
      add_ambient : 0
      env_factor : { 0.0784314 , 0.0784314 , 0.0784314 }

      1. RoadWarrior666

        Shane you are a legend! Cheers mate, I followed your instructions and now it works a treat! The FPS are worse on my PC so I prefer to play on my Mac. Great work!

  29. Good work odd_fellow. Thank you very much!

    Will you also convert other trucks from 18 WoS: ET2?
    For example the Mack Vision CX613. It’s SCS quality, and we haven’t got any great freeware Macks in ETS2.

  30. how can i download that mod?

  31. Good work! Favorite truck in the game!
    Just not enough black smoke exhaust.

  32. When i try to tune the truck to buy it, it crashes my game, Is there something Im missing here? Im on game verison 1.22

  33. A little devil on the road, hard to handle and a fantastic sound.
    Now, one of my newest favorite trucks. Very, very good job.
    Thank you!

  34. how can i fix the lights problem for this truck?

    1. Ah, THX I thought I might be the only one. Are you missing the Light beams as well? At night its almost Vantablack in front of that beauty.

      Other then that great Truck with awesome sound.

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