Freightliner FLB v1.1 edited by Harven for ETS2 1.26

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This version of FLB is based on Solaris36 edit for ATS. I spent a lot of time fixing/improving/polishing it and I think I’m finally ready to share it with you :). The list of changes is very long because I wanted to make this truck as good as I could, not just fix errors so it’s playable. There are still some things I would like to improve (so expect another version!).
In ETS2 you can buy the truck at Iveco EU dealers, in ATS at Kenwoth. In case you have any other FLB trucks, sell them before installing this mod, you will probably get lots of errors otherwise.

I also made separate mini-mods to support all available DLC accessories. If you own some of those DLC, just download appropriate scs files and place them above the truck file in the mod manager screen. There is also all-in-one scs file which supports all available DLCs, so download just this one file if you own them all.

– All-in-one: DOWNLOAD
– Cabin accessories DLC support: DOWNLOAD
– Christmas DLC support: DOWNLOAD
– Dragon DLC support: DOWNLOAD
– Flags DLC support: DOWNLOAD
– Halloween DLC support: DOWNLOAD
– Michelin DLC support: DOWNLOAD
– Pirate DLC support: DOWNLOAD
– Rocket League Promo support: DOWNLOAD
– Schwarzmuller DLC support: DOWNLOAD
– Winter DLC support: DOWNLOAD

Modified skin template (it’s compatible with previous FLB version but adds some more skinable parts):

And finally here is the changelog:

Harven’s changes (for ATS 1.5 and ETS2 1.26):
– Cleaned game log,
– Fixed OpenGL errors (works on mac & linux),
– Advanced coupling with collisions,
– Fixed black mirrors,
– Steering wheel customization (support for Steering Creation Pack DLC (ATS), dragon wheel (ATS) and SISL wheels),
– Support for all interior accessories DLCs (ETS2),
– Steering wheel adjustment,
– Fixed steering wheel rotation (900 degree rotation, was 720),
– Redone all interior animations,
– Improved dashboard – (removed gear indicator, added turbo, brake application, suspension load and mpg gauges, added analog clock, added more labels, etc.),
– Made the 4×2 chassis a bit longer so cabin will no longer collide with a trailer,
– Replaced all engines with new ones made by me (those are a bit older engines: cat 3406, cummins n14 and detroid diesel series 60) all with torque curves (more or less accurate) and other parameters taken from specifications,
– Engine displacement values added to the engine name labels,
– Reworked engine sounds (3 different sets of sounds for cat, cummins and detroit),
– Removed other non standard sounds (like brakes, gear noises etc.). Use your favorite sound mod instead ?
– Removed SISL’s accessories. You can still use them by subscribing to SISL’s Mega Pack at Steam Workshop, but they are no longer provided with this mod. That way the mod weights less and you will get updates to accessories when SISL releases them,
– Better balanced parts prices, added progression,
– Changed the way you choose the truck chassis. It generates “Redundant wheel accessory” (harmless) error message in the console when switching from 4×2 to 6×4, but it’s more flexible. Now you have a choice of 6 chassis: three 4×2 and three 6×4. Each variant has three different fuel tank sizes (180, 220 and 260 gallons), and of course truck weight differ between each configuration,
– Added passanger side mirror,
– Reworked chassis texture – it no longer looks damaged and old,
– Replaced 5th wheel with SCS one,
– Fixed rear axles alignment with wheels,
– Fixed interior camera rotation (you still can move to the bed but the view will no longer clip through the cab back wall),
– Added customizable front fenders (plastic, painted, chrome),
– Replaced roof lights with customizable lights slots,
– Added slots for horns,
– Added optional roof wing,
– Added back window glass and far small window glass (so it shows rain droplets),
– Fixed truck UI shadow,
– Added some other missing in-game shadows,
– Lowered engine oil pan so there is no longer an empty odd looking space between front wheels,
– Added missing icons,
– Added more detailed headlights,
– Fixed fuel tanks straps (they are no longer loose ;),
– Added painted tanks option (with chrome straps),
– Added tanks, front bumper, front bar, fenders and mudflaps holders to the skin UV map (see ESO skin),
– The handlebars next to the doors are now chrome,
– Changed seats profile, now looks like a person can actually sit on them ?
– Scaled seats texture mapping, so now it looks more detailed,
– Other minor fixes.

Solaris36’s changes:
– Kenworth dealership (2 slots),
– Fully standalone,
– Insufficient buffer warning fixed,
– Redundant wheel accessory warning fixed,
– Updated all old format models,
– A lot of minor fixes,
– Upgraded,
– Accessories,
– Truck desktop,
– Quick jobs on 6×4 and 4×2,
– Clean gamelog!!

Needs minimum 1.5.x ATS, 1.26 ETS2 game version.


Truck: Harven, Solaris36, Sliipais, SCS Software, odd_fellow, ventyres, vitalik062.

Skin “ESO” by Harven’s Wife.
Skins “Pure vintage” by Skiner.
Skin “Terminator 2” by NZ_Truck_Modder.

Interior stuff by: SiSL & JeyJey.

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Sounds by the Great Kriechbaum and odd_fellow.


Harven, Solaris36, Sliipais, SCS Software, odd_fellow, ventyres, vitalik062, Skiner, NZ_Truck_Modder, SiSL, JeyJey, Kriechbaum


16 thoughts on “Freightliner FLB v1.1 edited by Harven for ETS2 1.26

  1. Truck has no sounds.

    1. For God sake, when you download a new mod, first test it on a profile with no other mods. otherwise the result may be distorted and even worse you mislead the other players with your comments. to solve your problem delete outdated mods and you will get back the sound ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. This is by far the best FLB I’ve ever seen for the current ETS version. No errors and warnings in the game log and a very good quality. Thanks to everyone involved in creating this and thanks for editing and giving it to us Harven!

  3. Will only say thank you so much for your work. For my conviction the best non SCS Mod i ever seen. Here everything really works. Okay, need more FPS- but in Medium Game Settings i can get 60 FPS. Well done!

  4. Solaris36

    Good job. I’m working now but I test it when arrive at home.
    Regards. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. HD Video Test 1.26…

  6. Absolutely the best truck in the game! Been driving the FLB since day one. This is the best overhaul of any truck! Great update, and thanks! Wonderful, Fantastic, Beautiful!

  7. Yes! very good work and indeed no errors finally! 9,9/10 (because you forgot about Yasemine and the other girls)

  8. Hey guys,
    thank you all for kind words ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s a great feeling to know that my hard work is appreciated. I can’t wait to get back home and just drive this truck while getting some rest from modding ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Cipinho, SISL provides def files with locations of his accessories for this truck (those are inside his accessories mega pack), so I should ask him if he can update them with missing girls ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks Solaris36 for the great work on previous version! I kept your license plate even though there was a moment I was thinking about removing all those plates (because they were troublesome at some point), but thankfully I managed to overcome those problems ๐Ÿ™‚ (there is just one issue: you can’t remove them like you do with other accessories, you have to switch chassis version to do so…)

  9. Daniel5568

    If you choose caterpillar engines the game closes please put correct the problem.

  10. Ah+yes+at+least+a+lousy+truck+in+game.

  11. @Jesan, the 4×2 chassis is a bit problematic. The 5th wheel position is as closest to the cab as it could be right now. If I move it forward, some trailers could collide with the cab or at least clip through hose stand (or whatever you call this thing ;)) and cab wings. So the only solution is to make the 4×2 chassis even more longer (or more time consuming solution: make day cab and allow 4×2 chassis only with the day cab). I’m open to any suggestions.

    1. Hello, you have fixed the 5th wheel as you said. This is great! I can see no problem with this. It must be this way to work. And after how many years have we been waiting for this fix? This is great! The obvious items have been fixed by you. All the chrome, and the additions. Sisl’s pack works great even with the girls! And I took it upon myself to change the aluminum pipes, or stacks to chrome only for my personal use. Since the White Freightliner in the 70’s was exactly like this. As a former trucker in the U.S., I salute you for the best truck in the game! Thanks for your hard work for us all…

  12. Are the seat noises removed from this version? The driving was more atmospheric with them.

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