Freightliner + Interior


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Truck with Interior !
Test on Version 1.10.x
Is a Standalone !
Find by Volvo Dealer !
Wheels including !

Sanya42, Egor, VaDik-36rus, Gleb Shrubs

DOWNLOAD 58.4 MB uploadfiles
DOWNLOAD 58.4 MB sharemods

14 thoughts on “Freightliner + Interior

  1. really nice truck,but need to fix windshield Wipers!

  2. Why a price tag of 1,750.000+ Euros?

  3. I’m hoping that what Paulfred said wasn’t true. If the price tag is that high, then you need to fix that it’s ######.

  4. I’ve just downloaded this mod but the price is ridiculous.

  5. The price is ridiculous but that’s an easy fix. One problem I had is when I installed this mod, all the AI’s Volvo’s classic FH appeared with missing textures on the mirrors, that could be because of incompatibility with Ohaha’s classic FH but I dunno.

    Overall it’s not bad, but this truck could use some more work to it. 🙂

  6. Nice truck, although the camera seems like its to far up. Also I hate the michelin man, flags, and dice. Wish they can be optional

  7. the wing mirror appears on the volvo fh truck but not on the new fh one could u fix that plz

  8. i mean it is the mirror on the hood excuse me

  9. NevadaWolfpack99

    Very nice looking but sounds terrible. I think Kreichbaum could make this truck the best yet.

    1. the sound is perfect. Kriechbaum sound are not realistic.

  10. This mod isn’t ripe. Except for sound you still must work here. It still is made too unloving. It is Not perfect

  11. abdulrahman

    this might me the best mod ever

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