Fridge trailer with Profi Liner side boards

It’s a modified default fridge trailer with side boards from Profi Liner instead of pallet box.



5 thoughts on “Fridge trailer with Profi Liner side boards

  1. To chyba naczepa SCS’owska a nie Twoja !!

    1. Zgadza się, ale ja jestem autorem moda. Powinienem wpisać SCS do autorów, fakt.

  2. TheGreenlightTrucker

    And where is the coolling system on the fridge trailer? XD

  3. Very good, I go drive with! =)

  4. TheGreenlightTrucker, this is Insulated Trailer, has no Reefer but i would happy if Lanker adds also to Reefer one!

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