Front Camera Scania R+S 2016

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Beceause the people cannot accepted that we made something private i give away the front camera voor the scania r+s_2016.
Enjoy the mod and have a safe drive

gunther and zeeuwse trucker


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7 thoughts on “Front Camera Scania R+S 2016

  1. Very good mod, i like it so much. Thank you. Can you make this for other trucks too?

  2. roadrunner1981

    Great mod, is it possible to make a reversing camera mod as well, Keep up the excellent work

  3. I hope you can do this for all trucks… specially for Volvo VNL 670 Abarath mod!

  4. Awesome! Be even better if had it for more trucks!

  5. KungLaoHD

    Nice MOD but when working for reverse camera its more nicer.

  6. HollWayne

    Does not work on Scania S 8*4 (

  7. Possible to use this in mp ?

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