Front Camera Scania R+S 2016

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Beceause the people cannot accepted that we made something private i give away the front camera voor the scania r+s_2016.
Enjoy the mod and have a safe drive

gunther and zeeuwse trucker


7 Responses to Front Camera Scania R+S 2016

  1. Velcoro says:

    Very good mod, i like it so much. Thank you. Can you make this for other trucks too?

  2. roadrunner1981 says:

    Great mod, is it possible to make a reversing camera mod as well, Keep up the excellent work

  3. Evgeni says:

    I hope you can do this for all trucks… specially for Volvo VNL 670 Abarath mod!

  4. R.Miles says:

    Awesome! Be even better if had it for more trucks!

  5. KungLaoHD says:

    Nice MOD but when working for reverse camera its more nicer.

  6. HollWayne says:

    Does not work on Scania S 8*4 (

  7. Lived696 says:

    Possible to use this in mp ?

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