Frosty Late/Early Winter Weather v 2.1

Frosty-Late-Early-Winter-Weather-v-2.1-1 Frosty-Late-Early-Winter-Weather-v-2.1-2

Daylight hours are between 7am and 7pm, this mod also gives clearer visibility in snow/sleet and at night.
No physics mod has been applied so the trucks will drive as normal.

Changes in 2.1 version:
– Textures added for compatibility with other maps
– More frosty or wintery look to landscape Improved snow effect
– Increased wheel spray
– Many more textures added eg traffic signs, fences, barriers
– Realistic temperature readings
– Sun appearing in dark sky when HDR not enabled fixed
– Stars in morning sky removed
– Southern tree models corrected
– Loading screen fixed

Author: Grimes


16 thoughts on “Frosty Late/Early Winter Weather v 2.1

  1. Game crash with Version 1 no crash.
    I need version 1.15?


  2. RacingFede

    I’m going to try it now!

  3. Will this work with brutal enviroment graphics hd?

  4. the night is too bright 🙁

  5. Yes.It works with brutal enviroment graphics hd.

  6. I use brutal environment and IWR5 and Promods..
    Will this mod compatible with them?
    Thank you

  7. crash 1.15 games

  8. crashes when you turn the mod on and hit apply.
    running 1.15 beta, brutal and extra map mods.

  9. You have to disable other weather and lighting mods when you run this.

  10. I use RusMap 1.4.5+TruckSim Map 5.3+Brutal evironment HD.
    No crashing.Works fine.

  11. it crash on 1.15 with brutal enviroment graphics hd so much for it works with it. not to sure but went to few places was fine got to scotland aberdeen and crashed shame 🙁 and then crashed when i fast travled to other citys so i got rid of it

  12. James00001

    This mod doesn’t crash with 1.14 or 1.15, its because you guys are running other conflicting mods alongside.

  13. There is a no weather version of this mod that you can run alongside other mods here:

  14. Where does the author say you can use brutal hd alongside, or perhaps you can’t read properly, which seems likely judging by your comment.

  15. it crashes at V1.14.2 i use dutchmap whats wrong also crashes at normal map..

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