Frosty Late/Early Winter Weather v 4.0

Frosty-Late-Early-Winter-Weather-v-4.0-2 Frosty-Late-Early-Winter-Weather-v-4.0-1

This mod simulates an early or late cold snap covering the landscape in a light snow or frost.
No physics mod has been applied so the trucks will drive as normal.
Works with Promods, TSM, Rus Map, MHA, Eastern Express, Hungary Map and others.
It is recommended to disable other weather and lighting mods, if you wish to use them then please enable them before this one.

Also includes:
– Snow instead of rain
– No thunder and lightning
– 0700 to 1900 daylight hours
– Lighting optimised for frosty landscape

Version 4.0:
– More realistic snow option
– Longer nights option
– New sunrises and sunsets
– Earlier fog in morning
– Variations in levels of early morning fog (light to heavy)
– Light adjusted to compliment frostier landscape
– Harvester “load performance error” fixed
– Added textures for Hungary Map
– Added textures for Eastern Express
– More textures added overall
– Improved stability alongside lighting mods

Author: Grimes


11 Responses to Frosty Late/Early Winter Weather v 4.0

  1. Female Trucker says:

    This Mod will not load or allow me to install into Mods folder, says, this file is corrupt.

    • Vader says:

      The error is yours, colleague!
      This is a true mod! Excellent work, Frosty! Congratulations!

  2. Wellington says:

    The lights of the cars and trucks will not turn off , do not know if this MOD mess with that part.

  3. wegger says:

    Very Nice work!

  4. arief says:

    all country ?

  5. David says:

    Feel like you should shorten daylight hours to maybe 0800 – 1700 if possible

  6. Kenny says:

    Please delete the obsolete attributes in bad.sii and nice.sii because errors in log. Great mod!

  7. Gabe12 says:

    Found many bugs causing crashes with Hungary Map mod.
    Compatibility issues haven’t found in the prevous version.
    Sad :/

    • drivethru says:

      Works perfectly for me on Hungary Map, looks beautiful.

  8. Kenneth Salmon says:

    I tried to uninstall this mod because I no longer want to use it, however i do like it but wanted to uninstall it..

    Now I can’t because it’s changed the save file forcing me to keep it active, what’s the point of having a enable and disable mod button, if the installed mod changes the save so you cant remove it… I don’t want to have to start all over again, can you please fix your mod?

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