Frosty Physics v7.01

This mod makes the roads a little more slippery.

For use with Frosty Winter Mod.

Changes in v7.01
Fixes issues with the previous Frosty Physics mod

Trailer stability should be set to zero which is what SCS recommends as the most realistic.



5 thoughts on “Frosty Physics v7.01

  1. Marcel1801

    thanks for fixing the physics, cause they were all over the place xD
    I would jack-knife a trailer on the side of the road and would just go off flying into the atmosphere xDD

    1. TheGreenlightTrucker

      HAHA 😀

  2. Hallo GRIMES vielen dank für die neuen Physics werde sie sofort testen MFG Zuputo

  3. ParkMinyeon

    I think it should be improved when going uphill. It would be better if you could ski up and climb uphill. Of course, it is not particularly slippery, and the driver’s wheel will slip slightly and climb uphill.

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