Frosty Winter Weather Mod v 5.1

Frosty Winter Weather Mod (1) Frosty Winter Weather Mod (3) Frosty Winter Weather Mod (2)

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This mod simulates winter.

Key Features
Winter weather and lighting
Snow/Sleet instead of rain
0700 to 1900 daylight hours
Early morning fog

No physics mod has been applied so the trucks will drive as normal.

Works with Promods, TSM, Rus Map, Poland Rebuilding, Hungary Map and others.

Compatibility: 1.19

Changes in 5.1:
Updated for 1.19

Frosty is a weather and lighting mod so other weather, lighting, HDR and environmental graphics mods should be disabled.

Frosty should be given a HIGH priority in Mod Manager.

Recommended Settings
HDR: Enabled
Color Correction: Enabled
Vegetation Detail: High
Grass Density: High or Medium

Author: Grimes


11 thoughts on “Frosty Winter Weather Mod v 5.1

  1. EneaMaconi

    the flarepack must be disabled?

    1. Any mods that simply change the flares and nothing else are fine.

  2. Why Snowflake is yellow?

    1. Then you have a conflict, could be IWR or Brutal, make sure to disable or weather mods.

      1. Only this mod in my game not other

  3. MKTrucker

    He refreshing us in these hot summer days :ddddd

  4. Munro Mcskimming

    Fantastic winter mod, great in countries like Russia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Switzerland. But not to good in places like Italy and France.

  5. Piratxxx11

    first moment-nice…second moment, not…..soryy,but harwestres in land, bloom flares, etc…not for good screens……

  6. Moving harvesters have been removed and I’ve no idea what bloom flares are.

  7. does this version still work in 1.18? i haven’t updated yet because some mods i use aren’t up to date for 1.19.

  8. MashedPotatonator

    The mod doesn’t seem to work with 1.20 at the moment. The sky is a red error image. Looking forward to an update for this mod.

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