Fruehauf 2010, Cement Trailers


American standalone Trailer
It works in 1.21
compatible with DLC Scandinavia
Wheel standalone

Don’t upload the mod in the other link and respect the credits.

MiguelAngel988, Crisan21

DOWNLOAD 6 MB fruehauf
DOWNLOAD 3.7 MB cement

2 thoughts on “Fruehauf 2010, Cement Trailers

  1. Thanks a lot MiguelAngel
    Trailer works faultlessly
    I would only suggest to rework a bit colors to make contrasts
    – white is too shiny
    – grey could be darker
    See B4RT’s Great Dane spread axle reefer is a nice exemple or the Wabash Duraplate

  2. Joshua Peterson

    Can we get a 1948 Fruehauf tanker plz?

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