Fruehauf Iceliner V2

Trailer: Fruehauf Iceliner
Manufactor: Fruehuaf/Otokar
Country: Turkey
-High quality 3D model of Fruehuaf Iceliner
-AO baked textures
-All bugs fixed
-All def’s are redone so trailer is made completely standalone with new Turkish cargo’s
-You are able to chose your skin for every cargo
-Including working reflectors on trailers sides and back
-All skin variants are presented in AI Traffic and the trailers have wheels in AI Traffic
-Reworked of all the Turkish company skins and license plates
-Flay Lojistik
-Köksal Nakliyat
-Egemen Nakliyat
-Serhat Arar
-Ariç Lojistik
-Lider Gida
-De Goede Logistics
-Niksarlı Trans
-Including Manifest
-1.26x Tested
-Realistics cargo’s
-Including PNG and PSD template files and a manuel to create your own skin

For feedback, mod requests, and questions:
Mail: [email protected]
And of course via Steam: Elitesquad Modz [MDG]
My work is under Creative Commons Licence
Alteration is permitted distribution is permitted with indication of
The author(s) and the original link to Sharemods.

Elitesquad Modz and Niksarlı


11 thoughts on “Fruehauf Iceliner V2

  1. Ciao EMS wanted to ask you what it’s called the original author of this trailer Fruehauf ?
    because I already have this trailer for a long time and in the file manager there as Speedy143 author but I think he is not the author.
    Still do some good work.

    1. Hello, zoso 🙂 Speedy143 makes amazing skins for trucks and trailers,so he’s just author of skin for that trailer what you mean

      1. Ciao and thanks LoVVered
        Speedy143 know and it seemed strange that he was the author of the trailer.

  2. Francesco

    the mods and password protected so it is not possible to make us skin above we can know what?

  3. Elitesquad Modz

    @Zoso Niksarli and me are the original authors of this trailer. Speedy143 isn’t. He has nothing to do with this mod!

    @Francesco, please read the manual in the archive!

    1. I downloaded again that trailer
      and I found a Word file that I had not and there are your names.
      the trialer is not blocked, if I want to load it what should I do?
      lock it or leave it free

  4. Elitesquad Modz

    That trailer is from V1
    This is V2 lock the mod if you use V2 please!

  5. Ok thank you (but I spoke only of V.1)
    for me it is not important to load this trailer, I took the opportunity
    for information.
    I respect your work and your idea

  6. Ion_Cashit


  7. Elitesquad Modz

    You revert things!
    YOU need to have respect for MY mod!
    And also you are just able to create a skin for it if you want, if you want to edit 3D model just contact me!

  8. @Elitesquad Modz will this work on 1.27 and above?

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