Fuel Tanker v 2.0

Fuel-Tanker-1 Fuel-Tanker-2 Fuel-Tanker-3

This mod has:
– Template
– AO texture
– Standalone
– Good material and texture

Tested versions: 1.21.1, 1.21.1s

Model and texture: Hamed30 [HEMPAM]
Convert (v.2.0): AMiR..MahDavi [HEMPAM]
Tested version: 1.21.1 , 1.21.1s


11 thoughts on “Fuel Tanker v 2.0

  1. EneaMaconi

    Truck? 😛

    1. wait… Surpriseee♥

      | Soon to be released |

      1. EneaMaconi

        Thanks mate!

      2. jake_the_snake

        Dongfeng Kinland. Nice choice. 🙂

    2. Email how much to share China’s DONGFENG to you

  2. when are we gonna get the truck it looks nice

    1. musavi_1376

      its uploaded and waiting to accept in ets2.lt
      its already takes 1,2 hours

  3. Trucker2012

    no dlc Scandinavien available

  4. I can share China’s DONGFENG

    1. please share the link,thanks

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