Furgon Pincen V1

– Trailer Furgon Pincen
– Standalone
– Tested in ETS2 v1.26

kaku peralta


6 Responses to Furgon Pincen V1

  1. Anthony Perry says:

    NO FILE Possible causes of this error could be:
    The file expired
    The file was deleted by its owner
    The file was deleted by administration because it didn’t comply with our Terms of Use

  2. nektarios says:

    there is no file in the link

  3. Mike says:

    ‘locked’ – seperate wheel and trailermod
    shadow was solid
    but some tweaking and it worked 🙂

  4. Killerjesh95 says:

    I Managed to download it before it was down.
    I really like the mod, because its the first time I saw a trailer this size on ETS2 with the wheels in that position! I love that.
    BUT there is a shadow that needs to be revised, please upload an update!! Awesome mod idea!

    • Mike says:

      u can change the values inside the chassis.sii

      I replaced it with this:
      extended_shadow_texture: “/vehicle/trailer_eu/aero_dynamic/shadow.tobj”
      extended_shadow_intensity: 1.3
      extended_shadow_fadeout_start: 10
      extended_shadow_fadeout_length: 0

      ui_shadow: “/vehicle/trailer_eu/aero_dynamic/ui_shadow.pmd”

      • Killerjesh95 says:

        I couldn’t open the scs file with winrar or 7zip! :/
        it seems it’s corrupted or something, and sadly enough i can’t download it again because the link is down! I just hope someone reuploads the mod with the fix

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