G7 LD 1600 6×2 Bus


New personal video, now showing a beautiful bus G7 LD 1600 6×2, tested version, please get tested in another version you have. To turn on the lights inside the cabin is the letter “O”, which contains the sound works only in Camera 2, inside the cabin that is the camera 1 is normal.
The bus you can find at dealerships: Scania, Volvo and Mercedes

Authors: Darflash FARP, Megaking, Tatoseg, Nene Malo, Cristián Palominos, LinuX, Possatto, Jozz, Junior MoD


16 Responses to G7 LD 1600 6×2 Bus

  1. Benny says:

    How do you install?

  2. marty says:

    put it in your documents/eurotrucksimulator2/mod folder and than start the game,go to change profile and on the right of your screen you can switch on the mod bij clicking on it , than chouse ready and start your profile

  3. Paolo says:


  4. Paolo says:


  5. abimael says:

    boa tarde!
    tem como fazer um mod, pra poder fazer entrega.
    vai ficar muito bom…

  6. faisal says:

    How to change video in interior?

  7. urstubo says:

    Very good work!thank you!

  8. aleksey says:

    Потрессающий мод.Спасибо.

  9. fereero.xd says:

    is the rear wheels turns too

  10. trucksim says:

    Fantastic upgrade to the G7! It handles like a beauty. However can you guys please make a version without the shifting sounds as it’s very annoying over time, or tell us how to remove it? And one more request, please make the handicap sign customization too so it can be taken off, it’s really a big blue stain on the windshield. Thank you!!!

  11. Oly says:

    The bus won’t go through toll booths

  12. trucksim says:

    I found the mod requires mod: “Tolls No Barriers” in order to get through borders. Full Coach Bus guide on reddit: reddit.com/r/trucksim/wiki/busmod

  13. Anders says:

    ITs not safe to download file plz get a new download link!

  14. Pranav says:

    In mine that’s not working!!!!!!

  15. viktor says:

    its awesome mod bro.. well done.
    but i have problem whit the sound of the bus, i only can hear the brake engine. can you help me??

  16. ForAllTheBilly says:

    I test in 1.16.2 work
    1.17.1 : crash

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