G7 LD 6×2 Touringcar Bus

G7-LD-6x2-Touringcar-Bus-2 G7-LD-6x2-Touringcar-Bus-1

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Jan De Wit Black Edition G7 LD 6×2 Touringcar Bus

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Author: nportegies



28 thoughts on “G7 LD 6×2 Touringcar Bus

  1. Your driver has a white polo, does that come with the bus or is it a separate mod or is it a private mod?

  2. compatible with 1.12.x?

  3. Как брать груз?

  4. Do a video of this, and show me how the interior looks, or let me know if it does have an interior

  5. Riyaz Shaikh

    thx. but video plz.

  6. video ! beautiful


    Can you make money with this bus, or is it just to ride around, I see a lot of bus stops in the game even sometimes I see people that seem to be waiting for a bus. Thanks for the mod looks nice.

  8. Ana Sofia

    It would be very good indeed, that the bus had a life, if there are bus station terminal with more passengers. Think about it. Thank you

  9. i have had this mod in the past but there was a passenger mod that went along with it,and it works perfectly , the only thing i didnt like about it was the fact that the pick up was not at the bus terminal but in the container yard,but not sure what the deal is with this one


      Thanks papadex!

  10. does this go pass all the tollGates?if not its a waste of download like the other bus mods.lol

    1. Donky Kong

      Well i had it in the past in 1.10.x and i could not get pass the toll gates but there is a mode that removes them i think its called Toll Barriers or something like it. Just google it and it should work with any versions. But backup your profile just in case the hell hits hard 😀

    2. Donky Kong

      But try it ti could already be fixed due to that when i played it it was 1.10.x

  11. ExperimentalTrucker

    Nice mod. Before I use it, would someone be able to tell me how to go about opening the scs file? I would like to check that there isn’t anything there that may conflict with other mods that I have running at the same time. Thanks.

    1. You can open it with Winrar, just like you open any other .rar file. 🙂

      1. Donky Kong

        I think he is talking about the .scs file aka mod file 🙂

        1. Exactly. You can open the .scs file the same way you open a .rar file.

    2. Donky Kong

      well just install it try it and if game crashes remove it simple as that 😀 But beckup your profile in case the hell hits hard 🙂

  12. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. Maybe I’m saying it wrong. I can’t open the
    ‘G7 LD 1600 6×2 – 1.5 -1.8.scs’ file that’s in the winrar archive.

    Is there another way to open it? Thanks.

  13. kentrucks

    the bus looks nice
    but if i put the file in the folder
    of the game the bus don’t appear
    in the game version is 1.12.1

  14. zbyszek300

    Hi what do teeth was a fast job. ??

  15. ExperimentalTrucker

    This might be going way out on a limb but I’ll ask this. Is it possible to make adjustments to these bus mods so it can haul a trailer in the game? I’m not talking about a full size trailer but, maybe something the size of the Tandem Trailer that’s in ETS2. This way you can do more with these mods.

    I’ve seen private buses or these large motor-homes many times hauling some sort of trailer behind the vehicle. Here’s a few pictures to get the idea if you’ve never seen it before….

    Is it to crazy of a request?

  16. SinisterGHOST

    I love this bus. It is far the best bus out there. Sadly it interferes with Jazzycats trailers. Certain trailers show up with no wheels. Can anyone think of a reason why this would happen? The mod is locked so I cant see whats all in it. Seems like a simple tire model overlap. Any suggestions?

  17. József from Hungary

    Fully works on v1.8.2.5s. Nice work. Thanks.
    But shifting sound is loud.. 🙁

  18. pleez version 1.26

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