Game Profile for ETS2 V1.36.2.55 V6

Game Profile for ETS2 V1.36.2.55 V6
The game profile is suitable for all players (beginners, testers of modifications and multiplayer players) and for those who for some reason could not create their own personal game profile.
The profile was created without the use of modifications.
Profile supports all DLC ETS2.
Preservation is present:
– Profile name ETS2.LT;
– Garage St. Petersburg;
– Legend level;
– Garages 24;
– Trucks and Drivers 120;
– Trailers 45.
In V6:
– Support DLC HS Schoch Tuning Pack;
The profile is suitable for Russian-speaking players and English-speaking players. Appropriate game settings.
Installation: Documents – ETS2 – profiles.
Have a nice game!
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