Garage Custom Eddie Strobart


Only for large garage
Tested version
Credits: SCS Software, pete379jp
Skin: Fred_be


14 thoughts on “Garage Custom Eddie Strobart

  1. hello fred_be ken you make a skin for garage H.essers please ? i waiting this 1 year

  2. Can you make Ole Larsen garage also

  3. Thanks you’re the best!

  4. Nice.Thx.

  5. ok Truckfan and Theking with pleasure

  6. Thanks

  7. thanks you are best skinner !!!

  8. Could you please make NorfolkLine garage skin too? It would fit the Volvo FH 2013 skin, from the logistics skin pack, as your DHL garage do 🙂 But i dont like DHL that much as Norfolkline 🙂 Well done…

  9. One small question. Is it possible that you change the Eddie Stobart sign from red with green letters to White with green letters. Just like the one inside

  10. Can you make something with Stokes, Posped, Transinet and others?

  11. Hello RWR,
    Sending me an e-mail and I’ll do it, I will not do it for everyone
    fredbe.tb @
    For Devil79:
    You want a company Strobart?

  12. hey can do P.Bjarne Andersen Transport DK garace?

  13. How do i find this? Where re the large garages?

  14. Anthony Evans

    File Not Found

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