Garage Custom H.Essers


Only for large garage
Tested version
Credits: SCS Software, pete379jp
Skin: Fred_be


20 thoughts on “Garage Custom H.Essers

  1. Please garage daf

  2. Wow!

  3. tomorrow doudi 😉

    1. john avgos

      your work is fantastic,bravo…can i ask you something,there is a possibility 2 garages or more works together?lets say Dhl and scania or volvo all together?

  4. fred_thanl you for doing nice thanks a lot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. TY. 🙂

    Now, I just need to find out a truck/trailer skin ! and take a nice photo like I did with Malcolm

  6. Someone can make skins to all trucks from this brand? I founded only of MAN


  7. thank you

  8. hey theosz say my your e-mail i send for you skin for 1 truck but its not MAN its other truck what is your e-mail theosz ?

  9. Hi sorry to bring it of topic but can someone please do me a malcolme skin for scania and streamline its the blue one i am after thanks sorry again for off topic

  10. I apologize for the translation of my name is Peter and I really would like to ask you about the skin mod garage for truck MAN TGX and company logo Thanks a lot in advance jo style color blue white I go for a virtual company link video stream tv link

    THX SKYPE dj.spider11

  11. hey can you do P.Bjarne Andersen Transport DK custom garace?

  12. nice work fred , great patience you have to do so many different skins !! Bravo !! Keep going my friend !

  13. Thanks Fred_Be Well done great job and you listened to what people wanted and created some amazing garages thanks

  14. Can you do itella garage please.

  15. Claudius24

    When you have time, can you realized a wide Garage \Jost Group\. In advance thank you very much. And congratulations for all your achievement!

  16. Owwww, poor Fred_Be. Granted a few requests… and now has to spend the rest of his life doing, eh, skinjobs…

  17. TNT Logistics

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