Garage Custom Sovtransavto


Garage Custom Sovtransavto
Only for large garage
Tested version
Credits: SCS Software, pete379jp
Skin: Fred_be


12 thoughts on “Garage Custom Sovtransavto

  1. THX! Fred you are besth ! Tonerud Transport Custom Garace ? Happy Easter!

  2. Okey this real company!you Garace logo is wrong !=Sovavto=blue picture on the wall is Sovtransavto! not Sovavto! #### any way nice garace! red s is right!

  3. Thanks. Spasibo !

  4. Fred,
    thank you for all the garage customs you have done. Is there any chance you could do one for me? Casper Logistics. It would mean alot to me. Many thanks!

  5. kentrucks

    hey fred can you make a garage of polar industries
    it will be nice if you wanne do it

  6. Ok Kentrucks, can you give me a link for the logo?

  7. Hey Fred !

    Can you make a skin to the large garage ?

    Im sorry, I don’t have any photos of the garage but use of those logos and colors.

    I really appreciate if you make it
    I’m sorry for my bad english 🙂

  8. Gustav Rhan

    please make me a mercedes garage

  9. Sorry that Russia text! this is English!Hey Fred fix text on the roof logo Sovavto and pictures on the wall RED-white Volvos!you can see red-white Volvos look at the Sovavto pictures! when you are not busy!sorry my bad English!

  10. Okey Fred! that is good! maybe real life this Sovavto text is Blue! please Tonerud Transport Custom Garace! when you are not busy!

  11. Is there any chance you could do a garage for me please? Casper Logistics. Many thanks.

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