Garage Peterbilt V1


Tested version
Only for large garages
Files are opened
Credits: SCS Software, Matdom1988
Skin: Fred_be


8 thoughts on “Garage Peterbilt V1

  1. kentrucks

    hey fred can youy make a garage of
    polar industries

  2. give me the website link images of logos

  3. kentrucks

    ok i will do my best
    and i will put in a coment like this ok .

  4. i have been following this mod system for quite some time but have failed to get it to work. all i get is small garages and no changes anywhere. how do i get this to work i have 1.9.22 i have tried everything please give me some info

  5. You must have large garage 5 Trucks

  6. hey fred can you make a garage of the transporting companie verheul transport?

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