Garbage Truck Version 3 Beta

-addet a 6×2 chassi & 6×2 chassi (long) with crane
-addet a 6×2 chassi for Man Euro 6 From SCS
-addet a 6×2 chassi for volvo FH 2009 SCS
-addet a definition for frights on the fright marked
-You can Switch the Billboard and on (Template) “/vehicle/truck/upgrade/schild/”
-addet new markers on the back as slot

HamburgerLauch (3d modelle) & alles andere
Ghost_Trucker (Aufbau) Orange & Weiss Geskinnt


One thought on “Garbage Truck Version 3 Beta

  1. Bitte die positionsleuchten am aufbau vorne wieder ab machen seiht nicht orgininl getreu aus

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