Garnier Fructis Trailers Pack 4K

Standalone, Included in traffic, 4K Quality




6 thoughts on “Garnier Fructis Trailers Pack 4K

  1. like all.
    Trailers not updated for 1.27……..

    Seems not easy for 95% of all Modders.

  2. eskolaite

    @Rudi: Yes, most of the modders use ets2studio because it is easy and convenient. Unfortunately SCS does not care about this, and after each major update of the trailer model, it breaks the ets2studio output. Until now there were easy work-arounds (eg editing or removing definition files) but this time they changed the 3D models and this is why we all have warnings in log files. SCS expects skin modders to be 3D guru and to master the Blender toolchain, which is definitively more complex than playing with a 2D painting tool.

  3. Guys all trailers work fine without errors on 1.27.x

    Yes i use ets2studio for creating only company data all other i do manual

    If you have any problems with textures or something just tell me i will fix it 😉

  4. Blinkt, i will explain it to you too.
    yes the Trailers works. and its not a big deal if you have some who give this geometry warnings. but, i tested that as well, if you have 20 or more trailers like this, your game will start stuttering. thats the point. why, because always if a Trailer with this issue get spotted, it will write this warning in the log. i tested with Kristoffs Pack, don´t know how much Trailers, 20? plus 20 single Trailers like yours.
    in the moment i play with 1200 clean Trailers, high Traffic without any stuttering. try it, and best install also all Jazzy packs. and then tell me what happend. 😉
    don´t get me wrong. i like Trailers, you all spent many hours to create them, but in the end it isn´t a good job. it´s like, you must do 500 gr tasty breads, the breads are tasty, but only 400 gr. thats no good job. 😉

    1. But how than update it if SCS not update ets2studio.About stuttering i not have problems in my mod folder i have more than 40+ my trailers some of this is in 4K…Ok no matter…If you may know how update to latest please tell me 😉 Have a nice day

      1. SCS will never upgrade ets2studio
        Because it is an external project, not created by SCS authors.
        However, most people do not use the credits of this software
        But complains about why it is not updated
        this is the result

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