GAZ 3302 [1.27]

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Mod adds to the game GAZ 3302 Business

Volvo Dealer
Real sound
Prescribed in the company
Work in ets2 for 1.27 and higher

What’s new
– Adaptation to 1.27
– Updated all 3D models for the new patch
– Fixed a small bug in the log and easy setup

Authors: Max Masakin, Cyril Mladsi, Artem Abbasov, Alexander Kuzmin, vovangt4, Added Real sound truck – MaxaGent,Adaptation update v1.27 – Gazila


9 thoughts on “GAZ 3302 [1.27]

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.27…

    1. favore potente fare un bus iveco e un iveco 330.30 bdf , poi un turbo daily furgone

  2. mod add Interior light made please!

  3. What is the noisy noise at low speed?
    I think that it will be perfect unless you overturn it.

  4. WaterCooler

    GAZ Next please!!!!

    1. Audi1merc2

      WaterCooler this is a GAZelle Next.

  5. Now we just need the 1st gen and it will be RignRoll all over again

  6. macktrack79

    Hello nice van/car i realy like it.
    The car sound is a bit enoying:)
    But i was wonder, can u make a update, with aTowbar for a mini trailers?
    So it can be use for jobs as well:))
    hopefuly u can and maby will make it?
    Would be great:)

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