GAZ-3302 Business


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Fully independent model. Sold at the Volvo dealership. Has your tuning, your salon, your sounds. Painted, so the same is metallic. On the headlights there is Litmash, on the ass while without literacki. There is light in the cabin, which is included with the letter “O”.
Game version: 1.16 s

The author in GTA: Max Masakin Sounds:Artem Abbasov The envelope and stuff: Cyril Mladsi. Help: Alexander Kuzmin


18 thoughts on “GAZ-3302 Business

  1. i cant extract it in my mod map

  2. can u make for truck not tandem

  3. not Cyril Mladsi, and Kirill Mladshev

  4. i hope nave Right Driving

  5. @dr_jaymz

    nice but it need some sound changes. thanks! ps. this mod is locked

  6. Engine sound dissapears after some time. Quite odd

    1. also for me its very odd. i have promods map it may be that 🙂

    2. steffen700

      Also for me it is very odd I have promods map it might be the but i dont know 🙂

      1. Yeah, might be something to do with the map, since I tried it with Hungary map)

  7. Guy, password?. Thx.

  8. Hey guys. How do i do this? I have winrar 32 bit (even tho my windows is 64 bit) and every time i mod my laptop crashes. I slide the SCS file into the mod folder in my ETS 2 documents.

    Why is it not working? my version is 1.16.2

    To be specific, every time i get to the car/truck the page crashes (when in the volvo dealer). I can’t even purchase it 🙁

  9. Also, when i open THIS mod.

    The vehicle is NOT in the volvo dealer in luxemburg ….

  10. this mod is very heavy in driving

  11. How to unlock it?????

  12. orphanmeerkat36

    Hola amigo tengo un problema con el trailer no em aparece no se que hacer gracias =D

  13. Mateusz Węgrzyk

    a zkąd wziąść ładunek

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